BRR Training: Running up that Road, Running up that Hill, running up a Highway

BRR Training: Running up that Road, Running up that Hill, running up a Highway

Workout Date:





Hamburglar, Manziel, Tiny Dancer, Baggage, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Elevation Runday

Conditions: Perfect

Lo & Behold, YHC was listed as the Q for today. I had no idea! In fact, I was convinced that Manziel would be leading today because Hamburglar said it was true!! So as I blissfully checked Slack to see what Manziel had cookin’, I kept getting messages for other PAX asking what ‘I had planned’. Me? Somebody was mistaken. Let me check the Q Sheet! And there it was, YHC’s name (not Manziel) next to Elevation Monday! Ouch!!

Sure I had a questionable ankle and I didn’t know if I could run 5 miles, 5 minutes, or 5 feet, but who cares about that!! I was tapped to lead and that is exactly what I would do!!

I let the pax know that we would meet at the Hulk, 5:00am. With 12 Pax (and 2 alternates) signed up for BRR, YHC had high expectations for turnout.

As I pulled into the Hulk, I saw Tiny Dancer (not a member of the BRR nor an Alternate) sitting in his truck. This was a good sign!

Stepping into the Gloom, Hamburglar pulled into the lot topless! Another sign?? As he pulled on a shirt, he swung open his door & I distinctly heard the blaring vocals of Bjork, which always gets the juices flowing for a run.

Next to arrive was Manziel, then Baggage. This was a strong crew, but where oh where were the other Pax?

4:59 – One minute warning was announced. . . . time to set Strava, Music (broken fannypack means YHC was running in silence), and get in some last second stretches.

5:00 – Lets Go!!

We did nothing but miles today. Up and over the bridge, passed the YMCA, across Bypass 17, loop through TheVillage parking lot (memories), east on 63rd Avenue, across Business 17, out an over a hill in the residential blocks while enjoying the tree lights, across Ocean Drive, through the public beach access parking lot, onto the Dune walk, see/hear the ocean . . . turn around and begin the trek home.

Return the way we came but once we crossed Bypass 17 we stayed on 62 Avenue N until we reached the Round-A-bout. We circled the round-a-bout and headed south down Marina Parkway to the back entrance of the YMCA. Then ran through the parking lot until we got back to Bob Bell Run Path, then it was up and over the bridge once more as we increased our stride and pace eventually sprinting down Frontage Rd B-2 back to the Hulk.

6:00am – Time Called

The Numbers: 6 miles, 9:30 pace

NMMS: YHC tried to recruit Tiny Dancer as an Alternate Runner for the BRR (he would be a great fit!!) but he shot me down repeatedly. It was a great push today and everyone got better!! Yes, I know that Bjork is not Kate Bush as the title and the initial musical reference implies. But as I ran (without my music this morning), Kate Bush kept running through my head. In the evening when I began writing this BB, I found out that Kate Bush has had a musical rebirth and her song, Running up that Hill, is being played all the time now. I had no idea.