Buckets and Bear Crawl

Buckets and Bear Crawl

Workout Date:





Quaker, Buffet, Jingles and Varsity

The Thang:

CONDITIONS: Cold and slightly windy.

YHC subbed for Flyover who was under the weather and that’s what we do in F3 cover each others back.

1 minute warning with all PAX bundled up with jackets and gloves.  Not sure we’d survive at F3 Chicago or Minnie!

Warm Up with an assortment of SSHs, TTTs, IWs, MCs, LBACs and Dive Bomber Merkins to get the blood moving and body temp up.

1st Circuit: Battan Death March around the campus passing YHC’s plastic bucket (filled with 50lb sandbag and 20lbs of plastic weights — a poor man’s rouge fitness sandbag) around to each PAX while we rucked pace.  YHC’s incendiary ruck pack caused some of the PAX to start skipping…or maybe Quaker was in a jolly mood.

2nd Circuit: Felt bad for Flyover, so I wanted to do an exercise from his MO.  Got it!  Bear crawl around the church campus — long loop through parking lots and concession area.  PAX stopped at 4 intervals to do flutter kicks, squats, BBSU and more flutters.  Final stretch about broke us, but YHC told PAX (incl. himself) to keep pushing and that at point of percieved failure go for another 20 seconds.  Varsity is a beast, Buffet was determined, Quaker (although not skipping at this point) always gives 100%, Jingles crawled like a bear being chased by another but bigger bear — basically all did great!

3rd Circuit: Captain Thors.  1 BBSU to 4 American Hammers…and using the 1:4 ratio escalating up to 10:40.

Wrapped up with Mary and mobility/stretching exercises.

Time…COR, NOR, announcements (12/9 Christmas Party, 12/16 Christmas/Ugly Sweater Convergence, Active Shooter preparedness),  and BOM.  YHC prayed us out — thankFULLness, guidance and protection for all #HIM.

NMMS: As I am writing this…my shoulders, tries, core, back are pretty sore from doing the bear crawls…it is highly unlikely that I could have done all of this at O dark thirty  at 40 degrees without the push/camaraderie/determination from the PAX.



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