Burpee Bags

Burpee Bags

Workout Date:





First Base, Drifter, Quaker, Spork, Beefsteak, Boxcar, Teddy Toe Touch, Cross-stitch, ERC, Einstein, Skimmer, Rubber

The Thang:

Warm up: The usual suspects and some lines to go with them.

Regulation cornhole board set up (possibly oiled before use based on results)

Pax took turns tossing cornhole bags, the first of which was the dreaded Burpee Bag. Two bags were thrown per round. The reps were as follows:

Make: 3 reps per corner

On Board: 5 reps per corner

Off Board: 7 reps per corner

First corner was all block work and every other corner was body weight.


Round 1 – Blockees/Burpees and Squats

Round 2 – Blockees/Burpees and Mericans

Round 3 – Blockees/Burpees and Lunges

Round 4 – Blockees/Burpees and Carolina Dry Docks

More rounds were certainly planned but not panned thanks to wildly poor cornhole performance with the exception of one stellar toss by Spork on the granted warm-up throw. Thanks to our lack of talents on the cornhole boards, we may just have got 1% better this morning!