Burpees and merlot (testing on our new local site)

Burpees and merlot (testing on our new local site)

Workout Date:





Strawberry(Charlotte), Munchkin(2.0), Chewy, Sunshine, Hot Tub, Patdown (FNG C. Haynes), Rousey, Peterbilt, Nails(Raleigh), Handy Manny, Hoser, Bling, Flop, Turn and Cough, High Interest, Mudslide, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

High 70’s.  Stuffy as heck

YHC pulled in to see 4 vehicles for the pre-ruck that had been set the day before.  T-Claps to Bling, Hoser, Lombardi, and Turn and Cough for their 3 mile pre-ruck.  Lombardi had to jet for the 2.0’s but the other 3 stuck around, and I know they were happy they did!!

The other men came in at various times and greetings were made.  Nails from Raleigh brought a FNG (more to follow), Chewy brought his 2.0, and my good friend Strawberry came from NMB for my Q (thanks Brother!)  I also heard Peterbilt say that if he had checked the Q sheet he might have decided to fartsack!  Come on Brother!!!  LOL

The usual bunch were there, Flop still handing out candy from his trunk, Sunshine and Hot Tub just waiting to take their shirts off, Handy drinking coffee, Mudslide ever the excited PAX.  Rousey informed me he couldn’t jump or run, so he needed to modify.  Yes.  Yes you do.  And of course, our AOQ High Interest looking sharp in both dress and form!!

1 minute warning

The DISCLAIMER was given

SSH x 15 IC
5 burpees OYO
IW x 15 IC
5 burpees OYO
Tempo Squat x 15 IC
5 burpees OYO
TTT x 15 IC
10 burpees OYO (Since TTT is really a stretch)
22 Merkins – single count
5 burpees OYO
Flutters x 15 IC
10 Burpees OYO

Mosey to the other side to the parking lot – circle back to get Rousey who had to walk due to injury, but then started bear crawling!!

There are 4 lovely corners
Do 5 Burpees at each of them

Starting at corner 1, do 20 Merkins/20 Squats
[If you are cheating and doing half reps, do 40/40, and continue to double your rep count]
Run to next corner, do 15 Merkins/15 Squats
Next corner, 10 Merkins/10 Squats
Next corner, 5 Merkins/5 Squats
Back to beginning corner, 5 Merkins/5 Squats
Next corner, 10 Merkins/10 Squats
[It was here that our FNG started to hurt.  The good hurt though.  Several of us went and picked up the 6, doing his exercises with him and/or for him.  Others did some plankarama at the start/end]
Next corner, 15 Merkins/15 Squats
Final corner 20 Merkins/20 Squats
Walk back to starting corner as 10 count
OOOOOOOOOOOOO…………just as we were getting back, the FNG lost it..as in MERLOTFEST!!!  Kind of a dry, noisy merlotfest, that left him on his hands and knees.  Hoser noticed he ate corn the other day.  We of course, encouraged him, told him we had all been there (maybe not Handy or Sunshine tho who never get worn out), but just about all the rest of us, and not to fear or be embarrassed. Heck, that’s why there’ s a name for it!  Penelope still holds the record tho – not sure that will ever be broken.  He jokingly said his EH’er told him to “come to a little workout”.  #Awesome!

While the FNG recovered some, YHC thought we all needed some recovery, so we rinsed and repeated the 4 corners with burpees.  YHC got some questioning looks and comments about running and doing burpees counting as recovery, but yes, this was recovery

Next was to be another round of the down and up escalator/descalator/whatever.  This time with Lunges (count each leg) and Carolina Dry Docks (I demonstrated for the FNG, explaining that position would also help clear out anything left inside him)
So we started with 20 and 20, and went to each of the corners – 15/15, 10/10, 5/5, back to 5/5, 10/10, 15/15, and finally 20/20
At some point, Hoser I believe, told the FNG to modify the CDD’s to 4 count air presses…that was a good modification.
A whole slew of us helped out the 6 at the 10/10, 15/15 and 20/20 stations.  YHC gave the PAX the choice to do reps with the 6 (not for them) or to just keep doing burpees.  #BurpeeChallenge

We slow moseyed back to the SF and circled up with time for 25 LBC’s OYO followed by 10 Burpees to finish the morning up!


Count-O-Rama – 17 with 3 guests and 1 2.0
Prayer requests for Cheech, his family and for his Brothers.
Prayer requests for the driver of the car that hit Cheech and her family.
Prayer requests for Chewy and house sale
Prayer requests for those dealing with sickness/injury, asking for healing
Prayer requests upspoken

– Strong work today.  This was not an easy one.
– FNG excited to bring F3 back home to Winston-Salem/Mt. Airy
– Enjoyed it fellas!

– Guest Q’s all over the place.  VQ’s coming too.  Check Q sheet and go support!!!
– Prayers to Bling and Lombardi heading to Charleston Friday for the GRT and GRL
– Collections for Cheech’s family – give to AOQ’s – we will send a GrandStrand donation in a few weeks.  We have raised over $500 so far.  True #HIM
– 2.0’s continue on Tuesday nights at 6:15 PM at the rec center (If Handrail reads this he might make it next week)
– 2.0 on Saturday at 0830 at Warthog with Bluegrass – Guest Q there before that
– Visitors check Twitter or the App or the website for our schedule
– Billboard and Studebaker are starting to cycle from 6-6:55 on Saturdays before Warthog
– Friday run group – Hulkamania – join Hot Tub, Handy, Quaker, Sunshine, Flyover, etc.
– Friday Kettlebell workout at Warthog – BeachBells – join Wolverine, YHC, Billboard, Mudslide, Valvano, Bling, and other meatheads.  Wear a tank top.  We have the equipment, but bring a KB if you got one.


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