Burpees and Turkish Get ups in the same day?

Burpees and Turkish Get ups in the same day?

Workout Date:





Lombardi, Bubbles, Hoser and Bluegrass (QIC)

The Thang:

Conditions: COLD and WINDY!!!! 37 degrees feels like 29 degrees
1 minute warning called
Disclaimer given

It had been a while since I was able to Q at Warthog and Lombardi reached out to me about getting back on the Q sheet (Thanks Lombardi). I arrived a bit early to try and find a couple of dry spots on the field to execute the Wienke that had been prepared, but no such luck. With the weather and fact that we had a small group I made a quick change to head over to the parking garage and create something new, the PAX seemed to think this was a great adjustment. I had wanted to do elevens or Dora using Mount Myrtle but being in the garage I decided to use elevens and incorporate the stairs in the parking garage, which would prove to be brutal. After completing this I threw in a couple of other random sets to complete the day. Iron was sharpened!

Warm Up:

25 SSHs IC
15 Imperial Walkers IC
15 Hillbillies IC

Mosey to the Parking garage

The Thang:

The first exercise was Elevens with Burpees on the ground level and then run up the stairs to the top of the garage (3 floors) and do Turkish Get ups on the top floor, Crowd pleaser for sure. Finish the set on top level then mosey to the second level.

Set up for a modified Red Barchetta going uphill in level 2 of the garage. We ended up with four markers roughly 10 yards and 25 Merkins, 20 yards and 25 Mt. Climbers, 30 yards and 25 Big Boys and 40 yards and 25 SSHs. We stopped at the marker and preformed the associated exercise planked on the six before starting each round.

Mosey to the bridge

Merkin Wave up to 5. Bear crawl across the bridge. Squat Wave up to 6. Head to the playground.

Quick set of Burp Ups (Burpees with a pull up) and Big Boy setups. Wave style starting at 1 Burp up and 1 Big Boy going up to 5 Burp ups and 5 Big Boys.

Mosey to Flag


20 Flutter Kicks IC
10 V ups OYO
15 Freddie Mercury IC
10 V ups


Announcement: Coastal Football Game, Executive meeting coming to plan for spring get with AOQs if you have ideas you want to share. Remember new The Village AO is starting up.

Remember the Veterans today and show your appreciation and gratitude where possible!!!!

Prayed for the group


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