Burpees, Bells, Bucket and 4.25 #HIM

Burpees, Bells, Bucket and 4.25 #HIM

Workout Date:





Kitten (AOQ), Cheetah (2.0), Papyrus and The Body (x2 Respect DR from F3 Mint Hill)

The Thang:

AO: The Pitstop (New Directions Men’s Shelter)

Conditions: High 40s and blue skies.

Today was YHC/QIC’s first Q at this awesome new AO.  Moreover, my fellow DR Pax The Body was in town this week vacationing with his M.  The Body while favoring the looks of both WWE stars Jesse the Body Ventura and Hulk Hogan reportedly got his name from posting at his first workout (frigid 40 degree gloom) with minimal clothing.  He posted at Bombsquad prior with just a sleeveless T and shorts!!

Light crew at The Pitstop (PS) and plenty of onlookers, but our regular Pax (Papyrus) was ready to kick it!

Hello, welcome to F3, mission and disclaimer.


15 – 20 reps of SSH, TTT, WM, IW, LBAC (F&B), CP, and Overhead Press.


Lazy Dora 1: Partner (P) Up.  P1 does 10 burpees while P2 holds a wall sit or does squats.  R&R until team does 60 burpees.

Lazy Dora 2: Swap P.  P1 does 25 scorpion dry docks (SDD) while P2 planks or does LBCs.  R&R until team does 150 SDDs.


Team carry: 70 lb bucket, 80 lb Kettle Bell (KB), 50 lb KB and 30 lb KB.  Crew of 4 and some change (aka 5 y.o. Cheetah) was required to carry all the weight (redistributing the load among teammates as needed) around the parking lot twice with only the bucket being able to be set on the ground.  These #HIM being beasts grinded out an extra lap!  Even Cheetah carried his 10 lbs like a boss!


KB rotation.  Each Pax swung their choice of weight for 30 reps while the rest of the Pax did a core exercise of their choice.


Count-O-Rama 4.25
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.
BOM by Kitten.

Announcements: Check out F3 Grandstrand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.

NMMS: Honor to Q and support PS!  This morning’s workout was no walk in the park especially with weight to be team-carried – Papyrus lugged the 50 lb KB virtually the entire carry segment!  I challange all Pax to post or Q 1x every 8 weeks to keep this AO running strong!



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