Butt Stuff and B-Day Q

Butt Stuff and B-Day Q

Workout Date:





Fergie (R), Weedeater, Billboard (R), OneCall, Bling, TexasRanger, Valvano, Jeter, Penelope, Manziel (R), Kiwi (R2), Hoser, Baklava (FNG), headgear (QIC)

The Thang:

AO : WaveRucker

Conditions: 52 degrees and clear

It’s my B-Day so that means its time to Q.  WaveRucker has struggled lately with numbers so why not take a risk and make it my birthday Q!  Who knows who will show but the HCs started coming in and I received several “where does WaveRucker meet” text messages.  I made a final confirm with our FNG and now things were getting exciting! 

2 Minute Warning


I let the PAX know we would be honoring Danny Dietz with a WOD during today’s ruck since his birthday would be tomorrow, 1/26.  

I also informed PAX that we would attempt to keep the pace so we could finish the planned route but would keep an eye out for PAX at turning points so if anyone falls behind, keep going, you’ll catch us at the next turn. 

Fast Ruck – over the bridge, right on Farrow, left on Shine Ave, right on Mustang, left on Airdrome Ave, left on Phyllis Blvd, right on Howard Ave- end up at VA for the  modified Danny Dietz WOD

Danny Dietz – Born January 26, 1980 in Colorado – Died June 28, 2005 in the Kunar Province of Eastern Afghanistan during Operation Red Wings- growing up, he wanted to be a  – got kicked out of two high schools and landed in court three times- went to the Navy in 1999, graduated in BUD/S Class 232.  Awarded the Navy Cross for valor for his actions.  After being wounded, continuing the fight covering his teammates extraction

1 – 26 – 80 – 

6 – 28 – 05

Choice:  9 burpees or 9 sandbag cleans – 20 Merkins – 10 Squats

60 meter overhead ruck carry

  9 burpees or 9 sandbag cleans – 20 Merkins – 10 squats

60 meter overhead ruck carry

              8 burpees or 8 sandbag cleans – 20 Merkins – 8 squats

Ruck up and leave the VA Clinic, with a right on Airpark Dr and left onto the trail.  

Stop at the dental office parking lot for 20 merkins.  

Ruck up and head right on Farrow, left on Meyers, left on Emmens Ave.  Some of us went back for the six and the PAX congregated in the parking lot.  When we rolled back up, we heard something about Kiwi liking butt stuff.   Not sure where that was going but time was running short and we had to make it back so no time to figure that one out. 

We took a left down the parking lot on Crabtree Ln back to the imaginary #ShovelFlag and got back with 2 minutes to spare right at 4.4 miles.  Just enough time for:

5 –  8-count bodybuilders IC


Count-O-Rama 14


Name FNG – Don – He’s Greek…part Greek…or knows some Greeks…so Baklava it is!

Announcements – Nantan handoff on Saturday. 2nd F will also handoff.  Laser Tag on Saturday.  Over the Edge Fundraiser – Jeter and his mother are both in!  – Freed to Bleed on Feb 16

Prayers – spoken and unspoken

4.4 miles for my B-Day Q, celebrating 44 years.  14 PAX posting to WaveRucker!  That was awesome and brought back memories of when we had consistent numbers at WaveRucker!  It was great seeing everyone of you there and to top it off with our FNG, Baklava, who I have been trying to EH for a while now!  What a great day for a first post!  It got many of us remembering our first ruck workouts and trying to figure out why everyone was able to walk so fast.  Thank you all for coming out today, especially those of you that don’t typically ruck…which is almost everyone lately!  It meant a lot to see you all at the beatdown!  It was a great way to start off my birthday!  

Always an Honor!