Can We Please Run

Can We Please Run

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Candy Cane


Candy Cane (QIC), Beefsteak, Baggage, Dough Boy, ERC, Elmers, Speed Bump, Clothes Hanger, Cross Stich, Elmers (R), Boxcar, Pikachu, Spork

The Thang:

So after hearing multiple opinions/complaining about running and how pax cant run YHC decided to make this morning pretty simple and just do arms. After prerunning 10 miles with Baggage, Tiny Dancer, and 4 miles with Beefsteak we showed back up to the AO with 5 min to spare and saw a few pax waiting at the ready for the beatdown.

COP- 10X LBAC IC Forward, 11X OHC, 9X Seal Clap, 10X Cherry Pickers, and 10X LBAC Reverse. Head to coupon pile and meet at big lot lined up on grass.
So if anyone didnt catch on with the COP just warming up arms YHC let everyone know this morning wasnt going to be focused on running and we were getting an arm workout in today.

Round 1- working across the lot with curls increasing by 2 reps at each line as we made our way across, tricep extension on the way back across the lot increasing by 1 rep each line, bent over rows increasing by 2 reps, 1 lap around AO.

Round 2- Curls increasing by 1 rep at each line, overhead press increasing by 2, bent over rows increasing by 2, short lap around baseball field.

Round 3- Curls increasing by 2 but stopping halfway across lot, OHP by 2, Rows by 2, plank on 6.

Bonus Round- Now that the shoulders and arms are dead pax were to rifle carry back to pile and if pax chose to stop there was a 4 burpee penalty.

Marry- 4 min left one pax choice so cross stich was up and decided a sprint around the AO was a good core workout and we made it back right on time.

Announcements- Christmas party, various fundraising opportunities, Hancher bridge adoption, operation christmas child boxes.

Prayers- All the Joes

Cross Stich prayed us out after YHC explained what a BOM was.