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Lombardi, Billboard #respect, Disconnect, Headgear, Backdraft, Hamburglar, Geno, Bubbles, QIC Franklin

The Thang:

YHC arrived about 0420 to set out cones and run a mile or so to prepare for a #extracredit pre-run with Headgear and Hamburglar. Just getting back into town last night from a hometown funeral to bury my stepdad’s brother who passed from Pancreatic cancer at just 59. The family was incredibly strong and my mind considered the root system of this family of faith and the small town community who comes together in an incredible way to support one another.

0440 Headgear arrived and we made a couple more track laps waiting on Hamburglar. 0447 he arrived and we set out on the pre-run. Around 0510 We arrived back at the AO to see Billboard laying out on the parking lot. The others were rolling in as the one minute warning was issued. 0515 disclaimer and let’s roll.

Side straddle hops and we see a car coming down the road. Could it be Varsity? No, it was Lombardi, our immediate past AOQ and HIM. After more typical warm up routines we headed to Mount Myrtle.

Time for #blackjack. total of 21 reps. Start with 20 Merkins and one LBC, over the hill and 19 merkins and two LBC’s, etc. Mumblechatter turned into #grumblechatter as the total Merkin count was realized.

Next was the No Mercy Mile around the track. Cones were set out in the supergloom so we were ready. 10 Big boys, mosey to the corner, bear crawl the side, mosey to the other side middle, 10 more big boys, mosey to the other corner, lunge walk the other corner, mosey back to starting point. Rinse and repeat #3 more times to complete a mile.

Mosey back to the #shovelflag. Praise for Lombardi’s co-worker Carrie with a positive report at MUSC. Praise as we consider the faith of my uncle that passed and the grace and peace God has given his family.


Honor to lead.


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