Can’t spell “Monday” without b-u-r-p-e-e

Can’t spell “Monday” without b-u-r-p-e-e

Workout Date:





Kitten, High Interest, Buffett

The Thang:

For this post-mini-marathon, post-ruck workout, it was warm and damp as this fearless trio gathered. The one-minute warning and disclaimer were given, and then the triangle of pain began. It consisted of the following:

  • 20 ssh
  • 20 through the tunnel
  • 20 imperial walkers
  • 20 little baby arm circles (forward and reverse)
  • 10 hand release merkins oyo

Following a mosey to the big parking lot the following burpeerama ensued:

  • burpee bear crawl suicide ladder (bear crawl one parking space, run back to the starting line, do one burpee; bear crawl two parking spaces, run back to the starting line, do two burpees… all the way to 10 spaces and 10 burpees). Once finished, PAX did amrap flutter kicks until the 6 finished.
  • modified burpee mile: 10 burpees, 1/4 mile lap, 15 burpees, 1/4 mile lap, 20 burpees, 1/4 mile lap, 25 burpees, 1/4 mile lap (PAX did big boy sit-ups after each lap until the 6 was back)

(At this point, Buffett had to leave)

  • burpee crabwalk suicides (like the earlier exercise, just with crabwalks instead of bear crawls, through 7 spaces and 7 burpees due to running out of time)

In total, PAX completing the workout had done 153 burpees, run between 1.5 and 2.0 miles, and bear crawled and crab walked about 1/8 mile each.

No new announcements. Halloween convergence this coming Saturday; Launch of the Village November 7. We missed everyone recovering from the marathon and/or sleeping in. Look forward to seeing everyone back at it Wednesday.

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