Catapult 2.0

Catapult 2.0

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Candy Cane


Candy Cane (QIC), Boxcar, Side Out(R), Judge Judy

The Thang:

So with the challenge going on YHC has been limited to a select few days a week to hop on the Q sheet at different AOs across the region in order to fulfill the required amount for the bonus. Lets be honest about a few things backblasts are showing up more than pax at Catapult, Gavel, and Waverucker combined along with some increased numbers of pax posting each day. With all that said i hopped on the sheet as a mystery Q just so pax couldnt use me as an excuse to fartsack because apparently I like to bring a hard beatdown and push pax because isnt that in the credo to not leave a man where you found him or behind or something of that nature? There has been some thoughts (good and bad) on this new “AO” and how things are going and if its a modified or normal AO and even the name of the AOQ is in question so YHC wanted to settle some things this morning. The plan was pretty simple since this is supposedly not a modified bootcamp we were doing burpees and running the whole time to put that non modified bootcamp statement to the test.

YHC and Boxcar show up from a Oreck 5K prerun into the lot at approximately 5:14 to see a whopping 2 pax at the ready and smiles faded when they saw YHC was the big mystery this morning. Even though the cat was out of the bag everyone was ready to go whether they liked it or not so proper disclaimer was given and in typical CC fashion we were off with no COP. Pax were told to follow me as i proceeded on this Oreck 5K route (which at the time they didnt know we were doing a full 5K but YHC had to play a mental game because apparently the catapult guys have about 0% confidence in their ability to run 3.1 miles) and were instructed that we were doing 10 burpees at each corner along the way or 10 HR merkins if modifications were needed and SSHs while waiting on the 6. Halfway through the route YHC threw a wrench in the simple plan and stopped at the well lit pavilion for 50 stepups and 50 dips. Once at the back of the neighborhood and 100 Burpees/HR merkins later YHC decided to scrap stopping at every corner and just mosey back to the AO where we made it back with 1 min to spare like it was planned out or something.

All pax made it the full 5K and no man was left behind while getting 1% better. Lots of mumblechatter was had along the way whether it be Judge Judys impressive accomplishments in his F3 journey, Gamecock football, beach volleyball tournaments, or MLB which is also why YHC enjoys running with fellow HIM.

Announcements: Halloween Convergence, Christmas Party

YHC prayed us out with prayers specifically for the Powell family.

Now to answer some questions since everyone wants to know but apparently YHC is the only one to put it out there. AOQ for The Gavel is still unknown, its really just another Catapult (everyone already knew it and has said it), and all of the Catapult HIM are more than capable of running a 5K but only a select few have the willpower/self confidence to do so and progress in their F3 journey and improve their cardio fitness.

Yes I do know everyone has limitations but thats what modifiers are for so instead of making excuses SHOW UP and challenge me or whoever else is on Q to adjust things as needed dont just hide in the shadows of that modified bootcamp.