Catapult 2nd AOQ Handoff

Catapult 2nd AOQ Handoff

Workout Date:





Texas Ranger, First Base, Tiny Dancer, Headgear (Weasel Shaker), Humpback, Hottub (R), Hojo, Hambuglar, Kiwi (R), Rubber, Quaker (R, 1st FQ), Penelope (Co Coms Q), Castaway (Village AOQ), Beefstake (Bombsquad AOQ), Skimmer (R), Early Bird, Brownbag (R, Nantan), Crankbait, SingleBarrel, Spork, O’douls (New Catapult AOQ)

The Thang:

AO Catapult

Conditions: 50’s and perfect

I can’t believe a year has gone by and it’s time to pass on the AOQ torch to what has turned out to be my partner in crime at Catapult, O’douls. When I’m dedicated to something and passionate about, I swing and swing hard at it. My passion for F3 and making men better leaders, better health status, better all around and I took the AOQ to heart and poured that into the AO. I wanted all the men to enjoy and experience the passion I had for the group. To further expand the mission of Catapult and share that with as many men possible has been an honor. I have truly enjoyed leading and pushing men to their limits and back. These men stepped up to the challenge and nailed it. Catapult has truly excelled me and my health. Thanks to Catapult, I can workout a solid three days a week, helped my back issues and meet some great guys along the way. I’ve been honored by the support today and thanks to all the men of F3 for keeping me accountable. It was a no Brainer to select O’douls as the next guy to lead this group. He shares the same passion for Catapult and leave no man behind we’ve always embraced. He’s a great leader and I’m excited to see which direction the AO will go.

Always remember men,  THE AO TAKES ON THE LIFE OF THE AOQ. The less you care, it shows, the more you dedicate to it, it shows. So new AOQ’s, Dedicate yourselves to the AO, the AO doesn’t run itself. You need to take the bull by the horns and lead it. It’s yours, go take it and run it!


One Minute

Lets go


15 Harry Rockettes, Tempo Squats, IW, LBAC, FR, Seal Claps, Overhead Claps, 22 Merkins OYO, 20 SSH.

Mosey to large parking lot and keep this easy for 23.

A set of 11’s with Diamond Merkins & Deep Squats

Last exercise is Bear Crawl from White Fence to first White Line and 5 Burpees. Breaking the CP rules today.

At this point I thanked the men and stepped down as the Catapult AOQ and handed off to O’douls the New Catapult AOQ.


Mosey to Concession area, partner up for 7 of Diamonds

P1, 7 Freddie Mercury at each Diamond P2 SSH until P1 returns.

P1, 14 Merkins, at each Diamond and P2 Catapult Burpees until P1 returns.

Mosey towards flag, Circle up mid way down back parking lot for a Phil Collins Plank for like ever. So brutally slow.

Mosey to Shovel Flag, Circle up, on your six and 30 Ab Squirms IC.We stopped 4 minutes early and well the old AOQ would have stopped 2 minutes early with some stretching but hey🤷🏻‍♂️.

But O’douls stopped early because the men got me a card and that was so touching and I was honored of the kindness and thoughtfulness of these men.

Count-o-Rama 23


Announcements, Freedtobleed, bring a friend, GR22 training Saturday

Prayers- Will, Kiwis son.

As we wrapped up and walked away, I was wondering what’s next in F3. Time for a little down time and a break, visit some AO’s but continue to support O’douls in his leadership role. Thanks men for the support, the accountability, the push from Quaker on multiple occasions, the friendship and brother hood.





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