Catapult 4s are Wild

Catapult 4s are Wild

Workout Date:



Kiwi (respect)


Pikachu, Candy Cane, O’Douls

The Thang:

YHC arrived about 20 minutes early for a little set up and to see if it was going to be stormy like originally projected by the weather folks but luckily the weather had moved through leaving a humid but balmy 73 for the Thang.

Warm up

15 TTT

15 LBAC – Forward, Back

15 Seal Claps

15 SSH

The Thing

4 Stations with 4 exercises at each station done 2 at a time with 4 total rounds + a filler – Mosey from station to station across the parking lot

Station 1 – At the Cross

40 step ups, 30 dips, 20 incline or decline merkins, 10 carolina dry docks

Station 2 – Building Blocks – Paver block

40 curls, 30 tricep extensions, 20 inclined rows, 10 lion kings

Station 3 – Mary Mary

40 LBCs or BBSUs, 30 American Hammers, 20 box cutters, 10 crunchy frogs or hello dollies

Station 4 – Working on the Toothpicks

40 Squats, 30 Calf Raises, 20 Mountain Climbers, 10 Lunges (each leg)

Filler – 10 of all exercises at station 1

A little extra Mary courtesy of O’Douls in the form of planking and flutter kicks while Pikachu searched for his truck keys – and then stretching OYO.

COT – fumbling of words caused me to say birthday name, age and kiwi (oops I mean F3 name) which caused all to say kiwi followed by f3 name – fun had by all at my expense – I would have it no other way.

Announcements – The Murph – Memorial Day at Warthog and 5 year anniversary June 13 Warthog, I will add Rousey Third F on Wisdom

Prayers and Honor to Lead

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