Catapult Circuit Mile

Catapult Circuit Mile

Workout Date:





Sunshine, Sideout, Judge Judy, Flatliner, Tandem, Crop Duster

The Thang:

Condition- low 70s and slightly sticky

My once- a-month substitute Q as AOQ was off to another good start this morning with 6 other PAX- Flatliner and Sideout biking it in from down CF Blvd, JJ and Sunshine waiting and stretching out before I planted the flag, and CropDuster and Tandem coming in hot on two wheels just before one minute warning.

Mission and Disclaimer was given.


20- Hairy Rockettes IC

20- IWs IC

Mosey to Cross

20 HBs IC

15 Willie May Hayes IC

Mosey to Outside Baseball field corner

20- Shoulder Taps IC

15- Plank Jacks IC

Mosey to corner by couple pile

15- Chinooks IC

15-Chinooks IR IC

15 BACs IC


The Thang

PAX grabbed coupons and circled up at COP. I instructed PAX that we would do the following set of circuit exercises (4 rounds) at their own pace OYO:

15 Merkins

20 OHPs

25 2ct Flutters

30 Squats

Mosey around entire AO (sort of like burpee mile) OR around church OR to cross and back- MODIFY AS necessary after each set. I’m proud of the effort and fitness level improvement of all these PAX who posted today. They all killed it!

Once all 4 rounds were completed, YHC called 20 curls IC

Return coupons



15 Outlaws YHC

15 Iron Maiden Crosses IC- JJ

20- Big Boys OYO- Sunshine

15- Plank Leg Raises? (don’t really have a name for them) IC- Side Out




Announcements- 9/23 for Freed-to-Bleed- we need numbers as sign-ups have been low so far; 10/1 Jacob Hancher Memorial 5K tentatively in WWP community at 7am; Sunshine discussed upcoming Turkey Trot in Plantation Lakes, Sideout discussed Volleyball tourney at the beach on 10/1.

I prayed us out- God is Good as Sideout’s daughter is doing better with life after college and bless all of the PAX families.

As always, it’s an honor to lead these #HIM. Strong work gents!