Catapult is back in action

Catapult is back in action

Workout Date:





Rousey, Flop, Kiwi (Respect), Candycane, Pikachu

The Thang:

So about a week ago I was really getting tired of not working out with my F3 brothers. To the point the M had to talk me off the ledge as I was ready to pull the trigger on organizing. So I listened to the voice of reason. Not this week. I was ready to go and couldn’t wait to lead the charge back into action. I prepared a multi level workout depending on your level and injury. Just would have been nice if O’Douls would have actually showed up. As flop mentioned I really started looking at the F3 list of exercises and what I had just done in my own during the lockdown. So I added some new workouts to the Catapult routine (some I’ve never used before) and have to figure out what the new normal workout would look like. Still unsure how this was all going to play out.  Anyway, it’s 5:30 and time to get this workout in action.


Proper Disclaimer with some added Covid verbiage included.


15 SSH IC, 15 Harry Rockets IC, 16 IW IC, 15 Tempo Squats IC, 20 Grady Corn IC

Mosey to the Coupon Pile and everyone get a paver and off to our secret spy location behind the church.

Everyone line up nine feet apart. Each person gets their own parking lot line for a DORA workout for a you vs you workout. No block sharing and rep count is all on each person.

1) G for Gas Pumpers. You need to read about this one. 75 with sets of 25 and mosey down and back four times or walk down and back for a modifier.

2) L for Lt Dans. Down and back

3) O for OHP 100, sets of 25 with mosey down and back four times

4) O for Overhead tricep pull 100. Lay on your back and start with block on ground above your head. Arms straight, and lift block, touch your stomach and back overhead. Hold feet six inches for added difficulty. Sets of 25 with a mosey down and back four times.

5) M for Merkins. 60 total. Three sets of 20 and I challenged all Pax to Clap every fifth Merkin for an added challenge.

Ok, 6:07 and take the block me back to pile and circle up for some Mary which is ABS. Not merkins, or burpees or anything else. At least in my world it’s ABS.

Pikachu 15 Freddie Mercury IC

Rousey 5 WWII sit-ups. These suck

Flop 15 American Hammers IC

Kiwi 15 Hello Dolly IC

Candycane 15 Heels to the Heaven OYO

6:14 time for one minute of stretching OYO and reminded all PAX that quads need to be stretched much more than we need to stretch Hamstrings. We stretch Hammies way too much.



Announcements, Rousey is putting together a team for the Spartan Race in June. Flop is beginning his new Career ad a Soccer Club manager for Spanish based soccer teams.

Prayer – Rousey led us to the finish line.

Thanks for Sticking with my crazy ideas today men. An honor to lead these men today.




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