Catapult meets Sally for a Fit Test

Catapult meets Sally for a Fit Test

Workout Date:





Candycane, Rockytop, Kiwi (Respect) Boxcar, O’Douls, Single Barrel, First Base, Pikachu (QIC)

The Thang:

AO Catapult

A beautiful 76 degree semi humid morning and a brutal non #Catapult friendly workout awaited the Pax. Strong mumble chatter leading into this workout. I forgot the Shovel flag on Tuesday and well I implemented a 22 merkin penalty for anyone who forgot the flag the week before. The Pax were salivating for this moment. I forgot the flag! The Pax sprung into action on Slack. (Good one to read back through. Ended in another 22 merkin penalty for Kiwi. Once again Kiwi gets himself into a Bind) Kiwi is a great guy and he’s out most picked on Guy. We love Kiwi! Anyway, the moment the AOQ made a mistake. Pax victory. We do like to keep each other accountable and I enjoy a good banter in the group. I complete asked for it And well I 100% deserved it. Point well made men, point well made.


15 Hairy Rockets IC, 15IW IC, 15LBAC F,R IC, 15 Tempo Squats IC 22 (No SSH OMG broke the trend)

Merkins IC (Penalty for Shovel Flag. I gave all Pax the choice to participate or not, well all Pax joined in. That’s the F3 Brotherhood I love. Thanks men for joining me in my penalty)

Time to mosey to Coupon pile. Told Pax during mosey I wasn’t sure how this would go and it’s easy to be a leader when the workout is easy and hard to be a leader when it gets tough. That’s what F3 is here for. Make us better men and leaders. Ok take coupons to drive entrance to the student center. Music is ready and Time for the fit test!

1) Thunderstruck,  AC/DC 4:54.

High knees during song, SSH on each thunderstruck.

30 second break to get next song ready and explain next movement

2) Bodies Hit the Floor, Drowning Pool 3:22

Hold Plank, Merkins on Bodies Hit the Floor/Shoulder Taps on 1,2,3,4.

Same as above

3) Bring Sally Up, Moby 3:24

On six, Hold legs and arms six inches off the ground, complete a Pike Crunch on Bring Sally up, hold at the top for a nice break and Bring Sally down to six inch hold.

Grab coupon fast walk over to the wall behind the church

4) Bring Sally Up, Moby 3:24

Wall Sit, Hold block straight out (arms extended Parallel with chest), lift block straight up arms extended out so block is overhead on Sally up with arms extended out and Bring block down in Sally down. At least that was the plan. WOW! That’s a tough one.

Finished fitness Test by 6:00 am just where I wanted to be. Great job men. Time to mosey.

Mosey to south end of parking lot, placed my hat five lines down parking lot lines and Bear Crawl with Dry Dock on each line down and back.

Time to mosey to student center

Everyone line up on Parking Bumper

Wheel of Merkins five Each below

Incline Merkin on Bumper, Rotate 90 left arm on Bumper Right arm on Pavement, Rotate 180 opposite arms, Rotate 90 for Decline Merkins.

Back to blocks, return blocks to coupon pile and back to the actual Shovel Flag.

On Six for Flutter Kicks. Ended with 50 Flutters IC. Brutal ending.

Hopefully Pax knows their weak points and strong points and where they stand. That was the plan. 100# You vs You

stretching OYO for two minutes and additional Kiwi 22 merkin penalty. He slipped that one in.

Time called

Count o Rama

Name o Rama

Announcements Dragon boat is cancelled. I believe it’s a virtual thing now. January Convergence,

My Challenge to the Pax (actually all of F3 Grandstrand) was to step out of their comfort zone when they are in Q. We need to be supportive of the Q who steps out of their comfort zone. Great leaders support each other through times of difficulty and adversity no matter the situation. Again, this is what F3 is about. Making us better men and leaders in F3 and the community. Not putting each other down on difficult moments. Friendly banter is always welcome but there’s a time and place. Hopefully I set a good example of stepping out of their comfort zone cause I was there today.

Honor to lead and love all these F3 men!





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