Catapult Remembers 9/11

Catapult Remembers 9/11

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Rousey, Flop,Single Barrel,Pikachu

The Thang:

AO: Catapult

Warm and humid with no end in sight

Since Catapult doesn’t actually meet on the 9/11 anniversary, we honored the fallen hero’s a day early. With some conflicting research I developed a workout to honor the fallen Police Officers, Firefighters, Medical Professionals,   Etc… you get the idea of what I was going for.  I’ll never forget the day as i long as I live, the moment it happened and meeting with co-workers to watch the terrorism hit this county.

I arrived approximately 15 minutes early with no one in site. I was worried that this might be another solo mission. Catapult has lower number and I also seem to produce even less. I do shower the night before. Anyway, three Pax in unison to save the day. Whew!

One Minute warning

Proper disclaimer approved by our AO leaders


Hairy Rockets 15 IC, Chinook 15 IC, IW 15 IC, HB 15 IC, Batwings 15 IC Ea LBACF/R, Seal Claps, OHC, SSH 15 IC.

Mosey to the dangerous Coupon pile where the threat of snake bites and Black Widow bites are real. Ok got coupons back to the front of the Student Center.

Nine continuous workouts of eleven reps to start. Here’s the list. 1-5 with block, 6-9 w/o block. This give us 9/11.

1) Curls, 2) OHP, 3) Tricep Extensions, 4) Bent Over Rows, 5) Front Raises, 6) Squats, 7) Flutter Kicks 2 count, 8) LBC 2 count, 9) Lunges. This is our 9/11 start.

Walk to main parking lot for a Dora workout for a 9/11 Hero’s who gave the ultimate sacrifice inspired workout.

74 Bus Driver/OHP/Front Raises Pax choice, max of 32 per person.

74 represents the number of Police Officers who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Significance of number was explained to the PAX

Once complete everyone grab a block – 11 reps each of Curls, OHP, Tricep Extensions, Bent over rows and Front Raises.

142 Squats/Lunge/American Hammers(2 ct) pax choice each round.

142 represents the One hour forty two minutes it took for the Twin Towers to collapse. Significance of number was explained to the PAX

Circle Up for Wave of Merkins until we hit 40. Time constraints we had to stop.

343 LBCs(2ct)/Flutters(2ct)/BBSU pax choice each round.

343 represent the Firefighters and medical professionals who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Significance of number was explained to the PAX

6:05 time to take Coupons back to the snake pit and mosey back to the Virtual Shovel flag.

Circle up and stretch what’s each Pax needs for a five minute cool down.


Name-O-Rama (Rousey correction, thank you)

Shield workouts for Accountability for announcements.

It was an honor to Q and remember 9/11 for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice without question to save the lives of the innocent.

Peace and Never forget our fallen hero’s. Everyone remembers in their own way. Just Never Forget!




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