Catapult – The year of the homerun

Catapult – The year of the homerun

Workout Date:



Kiwi (1XR)


O’Douls, Single Barrel, Skimmer (1XR), Brown bag (1XR), Rocky Top, Pikachu, Litterbox (1XR, Kotter), Sawdust, Quaker, Humpback, Crankbait, The Choice, Trepek (FNG), ERC, One more early to leave?

The Thang:

Conditions: Low Seventies, clear skies, a little humid like its been for weeks.  I felt prepared and had a good workout planned but God seemed to have a different plan at least for my Q portion of this workout.  Great turnout with 16 guys and all ready to rock and roll.  Crankbait and The Choice bringing in Alex FNG (Trebek) for his trivia savvy but more to come later on this later.

1 minute warning perhaps not heard with all the chatter going on.

Then I proceeded to fumble my way through the mission statement (just call if what it was a total freeze up) -(FNG) Trebek – looking at me like what a senile old fart – probably mostly true.  Managed to get through the disclaimer only to loose it with cadence and again needing assistance – lots of laughs.

By this time totally lost my train of thought but I believe this is pretty much accurate



15 LBAC -F, R IC

15 Flutters

22 Merkins

Mosey to coupon pile grab coupon and slow mosey to the baseball field.  5 stations around the ballfield representative of circling the bases during homerun trot.  Partial honor to Hank Aaron who I believe is the true home run king – tried to do 755 exercises and probably go close but with all the screw ups – who knows.

Station 1 : 20 – step ups

Station 2: 20 merkins – inclined using bleachers if you prefer – no one to big on this idea – although I gave it a couple of rounds

Station 3: 20 squats

Station 4: 20 curls alternating with 20 Tricep-extensions

Station 5: 20 flutters

4 rounds of all with Mosey in between followed with return to coupon pile

Mary including flutters (I started this in cadence and was again rescued by O’Douls since my cadence pretty much sucked), American Hammers (Quaker I believe), LBC OYO thankfully – oh well like I said when God has other plans you just laugh your way through and since that was mostly what others did I had to join in.

Naming for Alex the FNG on this day now F3Trebek was good with many others like spur, bulldog, etc. thrown out since he grew up in Georgia, likes Clemson, but went to Coastal – glad to have another guy about as big as Pikachu and hope he becomes a regular.

Annoucements Shield Lock, Mini – forgot about Geno’s upcoming Coastal BB extravaganza but will remember it next week.

Prayers: Unspoken

Always a pleasure and looking to get better

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