Workout Date:



Headgear & Quaker


Mudslide, Flo, Spinal Tap, Jedah, Rousey, Kiwi, Shoeless, Fergie, Houdini, Flip, Manziel, Hoser, Papa Smurf, Spork, Bling, Penelope, Flop, Skimmer, Ringo, Brown Bag, Texas Ranger, Renegade, Wittle, O'Doul's, CrossStitch, Billy Blanks, Rubber, Gino, Sunshine, Jingles, Pikachu, Candy Cane, Billboard, Lombardi, The Juice, DoughBoy, Franklin, Cheezy Biscuit, Humpback, Hamburglar, Speed Bump, Strikeout, Kick Six, Goldberg

The Thang:

DATE: 1.28.2023




Well I’m not much of a writer but I’ll try my best to capture the pomp and circumstance that ensued at the Mothership during the peaceful transfer of leadership from our former Nant’an, Headgear, to YHC.

First off, I would like to thank Headgear and his Leadership Team for their vision and leadership this past year and a half.  F3GrandStand continues to grow and accelerate because of men like Headgear who lead through example and live third.  He is present, passionate & persistent and continued to pave the road 43 feet ahead.  

I am not only thankful for Headgear but also thankful for the strong leadership exhibited by our former Nant’ans (One Call, Sunshine, and Brown Bag). Each Nant’an (like every Pax) has unique strengths & styles. They all faced different challenges during their tenures but none of them ever strayed from the mission of F3: “ To plant grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.”

Besides the leadership, I also want to thank each Pax for making F3Grandstand what it is today! It all starts by getting up and getting better each day in the Gloom. Being there for the other man and taking the Daily Red Pill.

YHC and our new Leadership Team [Hamburglar (1st F Q), Texas Ranger (1st F Q), Shoeless (2nd F Q), Pikachu (3rd F Q), and CrossStitch (Weasel Shaker)] are humbled and excited to help pave the next 43 feet for F3GrandStand by staying focused on the mission and getting back to basics. To live out the Credo- “Leaving no man behind, but leaving no man where we find him!”

6:59: 1 Minute Warning

7:00: Proper Disclaimer delivered by Headgear

7:01: “Plant Grow & Serve Small Workout Groups for Men for the Invigoration of Male Community Leadership”

Mosey to Crabtree Parking Lot east of the Football Field and Circle Up around the Island..

COP: 20 SSH IC; 15 Imperial Walkers IC; 5 Burpees OYO; 15 Calf Raises OYO; 15 Mike Tysons IC(ask Hamburglar to demonstate) ; 5 Burpees OYO


Circling Back to the Beginning

F3 was born on 01/01/2011 in Charlotte, NC and has AO’s across the United States and the world.

1 Burpee . . .1 Merkin . . .20 Carolina Dry Docks . . . 11 Jump Squats . . . run a lap around the parking lot island

Rinse and Repeat x 5

Nant’an provides parting words . . .handoff to Nant’an . . .Nant’an gives acceptance speech

Stranded (NOTE: Headgear took my idea, so I had to improvise this portion of the beatdown)

F3GrandStrand was born 06/13/2015

6 Burpees . . .13 Merkins . . . 20 Carolina Dry Docks . . . 15 Jump Squats . . . run a lap around the parking lot island

Mosey to the Football Field . . .line up shoulder to shoulder on the track facing the football field

NANTabulous /NANTastic

Ode to OneCall (You never forget your first!!)

25 Merkins . . .15 HandRelease Merkins . . . 15 Diamond Merkins . . .15 Wide-Arm Merkins

Shoutout to Sunshine (He EH’d YHC & 85% of all Pax at the Convergence)

  1. King of Hearts: Run width of Football Field  . . . 13 SSH . . .Run Back to the Start
  2. King of Clubs: Lung walk 25 yds . . . 13 Squats . . .Lung walk back to the Start
  3. King of Diamonds: Toy Soldier 25 yds . . . 13 Diamond Merkins . . . Mosey back to the Start
  4. King of Spades: Bearcrawl 25 yrds . . .  13 BBS . . . Mosey back to the Start

Bravo to Brown Bag! (His steady hand led us through Covid)

                25 American Hammers IC

Hats Off to Headgear (Thanks again for all you’ve done!!)

                1 Victory lap

Circle Up

Look to the man to your right and look to the man to your left. Close your eyes . . . .”The man on your left and the man on your right needs you! He needs you for support, he needs you for accountability, he needs you to make him a better man.”

Keep your eyes closed . . . now, picture yourself surround by all the men in the circle . . . “You are a student . . .and . . . You are a mentor.  . . .Our world continues to change and we each have an obligation & a responsibility . . . ultimately we are all Freed to Lead”!

8:00 – Time Called



Naming of the FNG: 

FNG was invited to the workout by Hamburglar, he recently moved to the area from Maryland, he has a young family and wore leather driving gloves to the workout. Suggested names were OJ & Isotoner. . . eventually we dubbed him “The Juice”

Prayers spoken & unspoken

Moleskin: It was a great morning seeing familiar faces, meeting new pax, and fellowshipping with our brothers from the Republic! But let us not forget why we are here . . . to become better men. Better fathers, better husbands, better neighbors.  We do what we do to strengthen our bodies not for our reflections in the mirror but to be ready as leaders in our homes and our community so that when things go sideways we don’t buckle under the pressure.  Let’s focus on the little things while pushing ourselves and the men next to us to continue to accelerate.

Iron Sharpens Iron.