CHAD1000X @ Warbird Park

CHAD1000X @ Warbird Park

Workout Date:





Hoser, Fergie, OneCall, Headgear, Kiwi, Valvano (QIC)

The Thang:

With Veteran’s Day yesterday, the call went out for PAX to participate in the #CHAD1000X WOD ( The WOD consists of 1000 step ups. Prescribed with a 45# ruck and a 20″ box, but any modifications to weight and step height were allowed and encouraged as long as the work was put in and Navy SEAL Chad Wilkinson and all those lost to suicide were honored.

At 0450 YHC pulled into Warbird Park to find Hoser and Fergie with 3 shovel flags flying. I planted a fourth and set off with Fergie for a 5K preruck up to Myers Ave and back. Hoser, needing to get to work this morning, put in his earbuds and got started on his step ups. As we returned from the ruck, we saw Kiwi had joined Hoser and was blasting “Vietnam-era tunes” and then OneCall and Headgear pulled in shortly after. At 0600 the rest of us got started. Various weights (Headgear did the majority with 45#) and step heights were utilized. Gallons of sweat splashed at the base of the A1 Warthog. Everyone completed their 1000 step ups and patches were handed out.

The CHAD1000X WOD is a brutal challenge that benefits a fantastic cause. Take a few minutes today to visit and to learn about the causes. The free patch from GORUCK was nice, but if you can, purchase some other gear or send a donation to support them.

BOM by OneCall