Change of Plans

Change of Plans

Workout Date:





O’Douls, Pikachu

The Thang:

AO #Catapult,

Another beautiful humid morning waiting for us to crush a workout.

I showed up @ 5:15 because I don’t like being the last person on my day to Q, or even the next to last. Waiting in my truck to keep cool and hydrate cause the heat all day is brutal. It’s now 5:20 no one pulls in, 5:25 no one pulls in, whew finally my man O’Douls to the rescue. (I had a feeling this was going to happen today)  O’douls  had to come, I asked him to bring to the #Catapult watch, so he was obligated to commit to this mornings workout, or it may have been a Solo Texas Ranger workout. I had a full plan and a good #Catapult friendly but challenging workout ready to go.

one minute warning

proper disclaimer

Hairy Rockets 15 IC, The Chinook 15 IC, Batwings (LBAC F-R, OHC, OHP) Modified Bay City Scissors 15 IC, IW 15 IC

Me and O’douls talked during warm up and decided to abandon my workout and go for the Randorama workout alternating back and forth coming up with a plan on the fly so here it is.

Pikachu, Sevens with Merkins and LBC’s

O’douls, mosey to bleachers, 11’s Step up on first bleacher seat and dips.

Pikachu, Air Squared 15 IC, Walk Like an Egyptian back and forth through the entire parking lot which is a real thigh burner for two Pax.

O’douls, four corners around church, Carolina Dry docks 10 mosey to next corner, Tempo Squats 15 IC, mosey to next corner, LBCs two count 15IC, Mosey to next corner, 25 SSH IC

6:05, now we mosey to non existent shovel flag (my comment not his) alternate ab exercises Flutter Kicks 15 IC nice and slow, Freddie Mercury’s, Crunchy Frog, Flutter Kicks, Plank


what a great Change of Plan workout. Definitely harder that what I had planned.

Count o Rama

Name o Rama

Announcements order a shirt and 2.0s are over






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