Charles Livingston

Charles Livingston

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Papa Smurf (3 x R), Billboard (1 x R), Dredge, DawgPound, OneCall, Hamburglar, Franklin, Fergie, Karma, Weedeater, Crankbait and Headgear (AOQ)

The Thang:

Conditions: High 30s, dry and clear.

This morning was YHC/QIC’s turn at Q at F3 Grandstrand’s (F3GS) flagship #Warthog (WH) helmed by Headgear. YHC enjoys posting and/or taking the Q around the region and encourages other Pax to do the same! This morning YHC had planned on a simple, but varied WOD that the crew would endeavor to do 5 rounds – 3 was going to be achievable, 4 pushing it and 5 just nuts – to see if this would be a good #weinke to use for future Qs where YHC planned to brutalize the Pax. After praying over the final plan, YHC decided to walk back the number of rounds and add a partnership component to drive home the point that F3 values #shieldlocking (SL) with fellow Pax. Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.

YHC/QIC rolled into the #WH AO around 0550 to meet up with OneCall to put in some easy miles at a fellowship pace to catch up since our schedules had been crazy. Headgear, Hamburglar, and Franklin were already “at it” on a pre-run training for the MB marathon clocking in an impressive 14 miles.

A total of 13 Pax showed up for this morning’s beatdown that was done on the quarter mile track complete with puddles, potholes and poop.

One-minute warning…welcome to F3, mission, disclaimer, and we got started:

Warm Up:
The obligatory 15 – 20 reps. IC of SSH, TTT, IW, Tempo Squats, and LBAC (CW & CCW). We also did 22 Merkins to keep raising awareness of the statistic that apx. 22 combat veterans take their lives each day suffering from post-combat ailments. QIC also asked for 1 of the F3 core principles.

Each Pax completes the entire list initially 3 times; however, exercise sets could be done in any order.

  1. 10 Burpees
  2. 25 4-ct. Flutter Kicks
  3. 20 Jump Squats (w/ 2 hands touching the ground before ea. jump)
  4. 15 BBSU (strict form w/ partner assist)
  5. 20 Kettle Bell swings with either 30, 35, 40 or 50# bell.
  6. 50Y Bucket Carry (with either 50 or 70# bucket).  Thanks for the extra bucket and KB Hamburglar!
  7. 400M run

Pax were told to partner up for accountability purposes and assist each other on the strict form BBSUs.

Segment 1 was a nice kick in the shorts.  QIC told Pax that we would be doing 35 Burpees promptly (then came the groans) unless Pax could answer questions about their partner such as their full name, other personal information and remaining F3 core principles. This was the #SL component. QIC explained that we had just endured apx. 20 mins. of a stout circuit, sweating together and pushing each other, (sometimes 3-days a week), so who took the time to actually find out more information about their partner and their lives beyond just knowing their F3 “handles”? The remaining core principles were stated and some of the Pax correctly answered personal details of their partners that whittled the number down to a manageable 15 Burpees. Pax were then on alert to obtain that information during the rest of the beatdown. #psyops.


Switch partners and 1 more round of circuit in Segment 1. When finished, plank it up or LBC and wait on 6. When all finished and all were in plank, QIC continued in the same manner of questioning the pairs to see if they now knew more about their partner.  YHC was glad to see that all who got questioned (time was running out) got it right and we even found out that Karma (steady #WH pax down 30 lbs.) has an impressive very noble full name of Charles Livingston…YHC presumes the 3rd, esquire, PHD or even Captain!


Cool down:
QIC had Headgear lead us in some #broga stretching (often needed and often neglected) now that our muscles were warmed up and pliable.

Count-O-Rama 13
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.
BOM by OneCall (who has a much better memory than YHC given the amount requests and praises…thanks!)

Announcements: Check out F3GS regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information. There is a lot of stuff happening, so get plugged in, post outside your AO, and find someone to #SL with!

NMMS: Honor to Q #WH! Great push today…especially on grinding out the last round! #WH does have the best #mumblechatter! Thanks for obliging me requiring the crew to get to know your fellow Pax a little more that just at “surface level”.  And most importantly…if you get a chance and find yourself at #WH, get a sweet selfie of you and Sir Charles L!!

Honor to lead!


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