Chatter alive and well!

Chatter alive and well!

Workout Date:





Geno, One Call, Karma, Fergie, Jingles (respect), Backdraft, Hamburglar, Franklin, Disconnect, Bubbles, Dogpound, Bling

The Thang:

Weather- 64 and perfect.

Love Warthog- the best AO in the area, maybe the region, could be in the nation……..  So when our AOQ (Charlie Soto) asked me to Q, I of course said no, and cursed him out.  but after talking to my shrink, I apologized and of course grabbed the Q.  Didn’t matter that we just smoked Waverucker the day before, I needed to step up and handle these “crazies” from Warthog.

Went over my Q ahead of time (you MUST be prepared mentally to handle Warthog), and felt ready for all the chatter and remarks that make us all laugh and rethink many decisions we’ve made!  Grabbed my carpool buddy and made our way down from PL. (sorry Geno).  Round up the crew, Hamburger and Franklin coming in hot from a pre-run, gave disclaimer and away we go……..

to the top of Forbus and circle up.

20 SSH IC (apparently this pace was too fast for Geno)

20 IM IC

15 TTT IC.  the chatter was rolling 1 minute into the workout!  so I knew they were ready.

using the 4 lights on Forbus, we would mosey to each and do 10 merkins and 10 squats per.  SSH on the 6 at the end of Forbus.  great form on the merkins as I noted from the back of the line!

Indian run from Forbus to parking deck.  Partner up for circuit wortk

partner 1- wall sit and count for partner

partner 2- 20 jumbo squats- then switch

round 2- 20 plank jacks, round 3- 20 hatching sit ups, round 4- 20 CDD.  great work, starting to hear groans.  walk/rest over to stairs

4 flights up and down.  2 hitting every stair, 2 skipping a step.

at the bottom of the inlace garage- mosey to top, stopping at every level for 5 burpees per.  SSH on top for 6.

walk/rest to the back of the deck and take the stairs down.  Round of 6”.  This was by far the worst groaning I have heard since I spent a weekend in a Texas mens prison……..Dear Lord

Time check….. we have some more work to do!  so its mosey up the ramp again to the top, back down the stairs and back to the AO.

A ton of great work by all today- thank you for the chatter, the push, picking up the 6, and allowing me to lead.

prayers for Papa, Weedeater, Robinson family (per Disconnect), and others struggling with illness/body/etc.  TIME


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