Choose Your Own Adventure

Choose Your Own Adventure

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Lombardi, Bling, Boxcar, Kiwi, Hoser, Valvano (YHC)

The Thang:

With Wednesday WaveRuckers focusing on miles & smiles lately, YHC decided to take the Q, but then turn it back over to the HIM in attendance. Slack & Twitter posts went out calling for rucks only, to meet at Warbird Park, and to throw in a towel, just in case. YHC pulled into Warbird right at 0428 and was happy to see a number of headlights and PAX milling about. 1 minute warning was announced and at shortly after 0430 (after Kiwi adjusted his tunes and secured his dry bag) we headed out.

YHC announced that this morning would be a “Choose Your Own Adventure” and made the first choice to head down Farrow towards Springmaid.

As we neared Springmaid Blvd, Kiwi faced the next choice in our adventure: continue down Ocean Blvd, or take a right down Springmaid. Clearly believing that a right down Springmaid would inevitably lead to the beach, he rolled the dice and pointed us up Ocean Blvd.

A short distance later Lombardi was in charge. With the PAX closing in on Crowne Reef, two options were presented: Crowne Reef or Crowne Reef Convention Center. Lombardi is no dummy and chose the Convention Center, so the PAX made 2 trips up and around the oval ramps, then a 3rd trip backwards.

Hoser chose to send us further North on Ocean Blvd and we made it another mile or so up to Bluewater Resort at 20th Ave S. Along the way we may or may not have walked within 5 feet of a drug deal, but I’m pretty sure those guys just admired each other’s jackets and wanted to swap. One guy was exceptionally happy about his new jacket replying “I will now!” when someone offered up “Have a good day.”

At Bluewater, Bling was faced with what may have been the most difficult decision of the morning: turn back South and pass the drug dealers *ahem* jacket swappers *ahem* again, turn West up 20th Ave South and see what other sketchy folks we could find, or head East out onto the sand. Bling is never one to shy away from the surf and is actually smarter than he looks, so we turned East. Out on the sand we headed back South and enjoyed a mile or so of the cool ocean breeze in our faces.

Realizing we were coming up on the swash just south of Damon’s, YHC led us back to the street for Boxcar’s choice: back to the Convention Center or Crowne Reef. Since his ruck only weighed about 7 pounds, he chose Crowne Reef. We climbed the steep ramp into the garage and found the stairwell. Starting on Level 2 and finishing at Level 13 (?), we covered 158 stairs (thanks Lombardi!), took a quick break at the top to enjoy the breeze and headed back down. After walking to the far end of the garage, back to the road, and back to the garage ramp, YHC decided to offer Boxcar the same choice as before. This time he pointed across the street so we completed 3 more laps around the Convention Center ramps.

With our adventure nearing its end, we pointed back towards Warbird Park at 0542 and strode into the parking lot right at 0555. Apparently Bling was expecting YHC to cut the workout short, but that was never in the plans. He may have dropped off his ruck, but still joined us for a lap along the path through the woods. At 0600 we arrived back at the trucks having completed 5.14 miles under weight (or about 4.9 for Bling).

Time Called!

– Freed to Bleed at the end of February

– Pikachu’s family
– Injured/sick PAX
– Traveling PAX