Chuck Bryson from Shelby!

Chuck Bryson from Shelby!

Workout Date:



Ralph Lauren via ZOOM


OneCall, Bling, HumpBack, Lombardi, GoGreenGo, Gumby, BrownBag and (QIC) Ralph Lauren

The Thang:

It was the first virtual Q for YHC and it could definitely use a little improvement!
Audio was different when leading. Couldn’t hear as well!
Camera angle is crucial. We made it work, after a quick phone call to BrownBag and away we went!


SSH, Imperial Walkers, Squats, Windmill, stretch, Arm Circles, Merkins, ButtKicks, Merkins and SSH

Round 1: 5 sets
4-overhead Press (w block)
4- SSH
20- merkins. (Total of 100)

Round 2: 5 sets
4- kettle bell swings
4- curls (w block)
20- BBSU (100 total)

Round 3: 5 sets
4- elf on the shelf (block)
4- bent rows (block)
20- squats (block optional) (100)

Round 4: 5 sets
4- flutter kicks (block)
4- SSH
20- American Hammers (100)

Round 5: 5 sets
4- tricep ext (block)
4- burpees
20- monkey humpers. (100)

Round 6:
25 LBC + 2 Mountain climbers
24 LBC + 2 Mtn Climbers
23 LBC + 2 Mtn Climbers
Down to
15 LBC + 2 Mtn Climbers

It wasn’t perfect but it was done!
GGG was saying he hasn’t seen me in two weeks! It feels like 2 months!
It’s good to see the HIMs, that make a difference In my life each day! I can’t wait to get back to normal but at least we have another option with Zoom.
We are living in history right now. I would prefer to read about history instead!

Quote of day: “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”

Thanks again for the invite!
Keep doing what you do!
Lead by example!

Until next time…..
Ralph Lauren – Out!

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