Cinco de Mayo by “The” El Red Cardo and Co.

Cinco de Mayo by “The” El Red Cardo and Co.

Workout Date:



El Red Cardo y El Rousey


Teddy Two-Toes, Rubber, Texas Ranger, Skidmark (AO Q) and Quaker (1st F Q)

The Thang:

Conditions: Low 60s, dry – great weather for the advertised beatdown!

A little over a month ago, twitterless El Red Cardo/ERC suggested to YHC that we should do a “Cinco de Mayo” co-Q workout the first week in May at BombSquad. May 5th fell on a Sunday, so we looked at other days and with YHC anticipating recovering from his first GRL on Sat. May 4th, Wednesday May 8th was circled! ERC was the mastermind – the El Jefe – behind this beatdown and YHC was his companero. As the weeks and days approached I could tell that he was going “all out” for this themed beatdown that would be as tough as he is, but light hearted fun with plenty of chatter!

YHC arrived at his normal time apx. 15 minutes before the beatdown and was figuring on ERC to roll in at his usual time of during the warm up (Latino time he says). To my surprise, there was a Mexican flag posted, a box full of colorful sombreros and maracas, and I could see ERC putting the final touches on laying out his props across the church’s football field.

5 more Pax showed up; ERC directed them to don a sombrero and maraca. Welcome to F3, mission and disclaimer. La musica begins cranking starting with “La Bamba”!

Warm Up:
15 – 20 reps. of: SSHs, TTTs, IWs, LBAC forwards & back.

SEGMENT 1: Futbol F3 Espanol style.

Pax moseyed to the football field.  ERC explained that we had to kick the soccer ball to a designated target with a prescribed par limit depending on distance to target (like golf) or we had to do penalty exercises. In addition, Pax had to trot to the area the ball landed (setting up for the next attempt to get to the target) and had specific set of exercises to do.

  1. Target: a ball on 10 yard line; Exercises before each kick: 5 burpees; Par 3; Penalty: 15 burpees. We failed by 1 kick; Rubber choked.
  2. Target: a ball on opposite 10 yard line; Exercise: Squats, Par 3; Penalty 15 Squats. Rubber redeemed himself.
  3. Target: a Corona flag hung up on the 2-story wooden deck at 50 yard line; Exercise: Lunges; Par 4; Penalty probably 15 Burpees. But YHC hit a clutch precision shot to the flag. They called me Pele!
  4. Target: Back to a ball on the 10 yard line; Exercise: Merkins; Par 3; Penalty 15 Merkins; we made it in 3. Quaker, Skidmark and Teddy Two-Toes had some great shots!

SEGMENT 2: GoRuck WW2 Sit-Ups in unison.

YHC had the Pax lock arms and instructed them that we would do 100 reps. in unison. Each Pax would call out 1 set of 10-reps. until the number was reached. If the linked arms broke, then it was back to zero. Pax would yell “abajo” (down), “arriba” (up) and the number in Spanish that we were on. This segment was a nod to the same team exercise we did at the GRL except that we did it in the surf, with 39 people, and somehow it took us an eternity to finish! Great job guys!

SEGMENT 3: El Toro and El Matador

Pax moseyed back to the football field where ERC had set up another Mexican flag in between 2 sets of cones. Pax were to do “11s”. 1 Merkin at the first cone then as a bull bear-bull crawl past the flag making sure to snort or grunt like a bull and at the second/last cone do 10 2ct. Iron Mikes making the total count to 11. On the return trip, run past the flag and as a matador yell out “Ole!” Rinse and repeat until Pax completed 10 Merkins and 1 2-ct. Iron Mike. Awesome #mumblechatter!

SEGMENT 4: El Bombo

We couldn’t have an Espanol themed beatdown without El Bombo?!?! Pax divided into 2 teams – short guys and tall guys. We moseyed on over to the #coupon pile and the first team hoisted El Bombo “The Bomb” (a medium size piece of telephone pole – long enough for 3 – 4 carriers). Tall guys went first and brought it (in a straight line) halfway to the concession area. Short guys were to run ahead and do flutter kicks/FKs while waiting. Swap out teams and carry El Bombo all the way to the concession stand and drop log. Same run/FK protocol. Carry log back. Same swap out points and exercises while waiting. #Crowdpleaser!

ERC wrapped us up with an impromptu (AMRAP 1-minute) Mexican dance around the sombrero stopping to do a burpee at each revolution.

All of us worn out but laughing our tails off, ERC called time!

Count-O-Rama 7
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.
BOM by Rousey.

Announcements: Check out F3 Grandstrand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  Ample 1st F workouts across the Grandstrand, lots of 2nd F (lunches, date night this Saturday w/ Bling on Q, Spartan race in July w/ Rousey on Q, GoRucks, and other events), and 3rd F (ex. Q-Source) opportunities.

NMMS: What a blast! Great job everyone and great attitude! Thanks for obliging us. ERC really put on a production…T-claps! As mentioned by several Pax during the workout, had he competed in the Q vs. Q, he may have won it all!

NMMS2/”Heard at F3”: I need to be careful here, but this was some funny stuff…Texas Ranger – Luis Cobos said something along the lines of “El Red Cardo, we didn’t do one of your favorite exercises Jump The Fence.” ERC quickly replied “…but we did do Through the Tunnel!”



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