Civil War Era WaveRucker.

Civil War Era WaveRucker.

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One Call, Valvano, Boxcar, Hoser, Bling

The Thang:

Good to be back at it on Wednesday- the best workout of the region, or country for that matter.  We have been putting the hard WaveRucker Q’s on the back burner for a little while as we crush these quarantine Star Courses (and having a blast planning and completing them!). But, as we slowly get out of this awful, stupid virus, I thought it was time to get back at the solid beatdowns.  I have my Brother in Law Geppetto in town, so I told Hoser I would grab this Q and try to make another solid impression on him and beat him down a bit.  But alas, at 2200 last night he informs me that his shoulders and arms are sore from the Murph Monday.  (If any PAX see him the next couple days, you have my permission to ridicule him endlessly).

So- here we go gents.  I spent some time yesterday looking at military themes, sandbag moves, and GoRuck ideas- settled on the Civil War after researching “this week in Civil War History”!  Asked each PAX to bring a sandbag and designed the beatdown in the parking deck after looking at the forecast and the 48 text messages from Boxcar about the rain and how he melts if drops hit him…….

OC grabbed me at 0402, grabbed Boxcar by 0406 and made it to Forbus to see both Hoser and Valvano (in his wife’s car) already there.  Waited another few minutes to make sure there wasn’t anyone else showing up before moving us straight to the deck as it was pouring (and Boxcar was still texting me from the backseat of the car!). We were a little late getting started with the move, but worked out well as I modified on the fly (Q’ing 101).  Gave n0 disclaimer at all, and we jumped into the themed beatdown……..

Civil War this Week.  3 events/people were the focus- here is the info to follow along and get smarter!

  1.  May 23rd 1900.  Sgt William Carney becomes the 1st African American to receive the Medal of Honor- 37 years after the Battle of Ft Wagner in Charleston
  2. May 26, 1865.  Confederate General Edmund Kirby Smith is the last General to surrender in Galveston, 47 days after Lee surrenders in VA.
  3. May 27, 2863.  1st assault on the Confederates at the 48 day siege of Port Hudson.

So- with rucks.

37 merkins, 47 Hello Dolly (holding ruck above), 48 thrusters using ruck.  This took a couple minutes to complete!  Grab the sandbags for a rest/walk up the inclines to the top of garage and back.  (“you obviously dont know the meaning of the word REST”- comes from the peanut gallery).

back at the start point by the stairs in the garage- we dove a little deeper into our 3 people/events.  #alwayseducating.

  1.  William Carney received his Medal of Honor 37 years after Ft Wagner!  during the assault of Ft Wagner in Charleston, Carney retrieved the US flag when he color guard was killed, and despite numerous wounds, marched across the battlefield.  Upon rejoining his troops, he passed the colors onto another survivor of the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry stating- “Boys, I only did my duty, the old flag never touched the ground.”  After receiving his medal in 1900, there was a song written off his exploits.  (we did not sing and OC was visually upset).  died a year later in 1901 in an elevator accident in Mass.!  Dang!

so- to honor the Sgt, we did a 54 second ruck overhead hold and 54 flutter IC- without the ruck/flag never touching the ground.  Well done Sgt Carney and our PAX for honoring.

Rest/Walk with bags to the top of the garage and back.  Getting a little sweaty…..

2.  Confederate General Edmund Kirby Smith.  This guy is a beauty!  Joined the Confederacy in 1861 and was sent to Bull Run where he was shot (but didn’t die- this guy had more punishment to come!).  In 1862, he was unsuccessful in leading an attempt to capture Kentucky.  In 1863 he was unsuccessful in recapturing Vicksburg after the Union had secured.  and finally, in 1865 he was the last General to surrender to Union troops in Galveston TX, 48 days after Lee surrendered at Appomattox.  Moreover, he fled to Mexico and Cuba after the war to avoid treason arrest- but was allowed back in the States when the Lincoln/Johnson administration offered an Oath of Loyalty to Southern soldiers.  Ended up being a professor of Math at the University of the South (in Sewanee Tennessee).  Only in America!

so- to honor all the Union wins (I have the coward Smith at 0-4!) we did 4 flights of stairs. 2 with the sand bags and 2 without.  Ended with a walk/rest around the garage as the rain slowed and Boxcar gave me the “OK” to go outside.

3.  48 day siege at Port Hudson.  Final engagement in the Union campaign to secure the Mississippi River.  While General Grant (18th President) was securing Vicksburg a little further North on the river, Union general Banks was ordered to capture Port Hudson to help Grant.  When this attempt failed, it took 48 days of battle (the longest siege in US history at the time) and Grant to secure Vicksburg for the Union to secure Hudson, and also the river and Gulf of Mexico.  5000 union soldiers died in battle and 5000 died of disease in the Louisiana summer heat.  (instead of doing 5000 reps- I stuck with 48!)

40 curls and 8 sprints at 48 yards.  we broke this up- 20 curls and 4 sprints, then repeat to complete.

rest/walk with sandbags to the top of garage and back.  DONE.

Great work by all here.  I know it was a little tougher as we all haven’t really pushed ourselves the last couple months.  Appreciate the PAX pushing thru.

prayed for families, especially kids and parenting.  OUT


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