Clash of the Titans – QvQ

Clash of the Titans – QvQ

Workout Date:



Vitamin D (QIC); Quaker (QIC)


Ralph Lauren; One Call; Red Coat, Brownbag; Buffett; Rousey; The Intern; Boxcar; Skidmark; Hamburlar; Headgear; Rubber; Humpback; Vitamin D (QIC); Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: BombSquad

Conditions: 64 degrees, foggy

YHC was first to arrive at the AO but was shortly followed by Vitamin D. Pleasantries were exchanged as each Q placed some props near the light pole. YHC put out the F3 Jeopardy Container and a Deck of Cards (These were placed for misdirection only) and Vitamin D set out Medicine Ball. Vit. D asked if YHC had anything special planned? “Not really” Vitamin D said the same. YHC thinks Vitamin D knew I had something up my sleeve and YHC knew Vitamin D would be bringing something special, too. Each Q did some last minute calculations/preparations in his truck. Vitamin D proceed to take 2 pallets from the coupon pile, while YHC hopped in Buffetts truck and headed to the back parking lot. On beknownst to Vitamin D, YHC had ask the help of both Buffett and Brownbag. Buffett would be bringing some coupons we used over a year ago and Brownbag was bringing the tunes. It was a risky move by YHC, if one or both PAX did not make it the the Beatdown this a.m. all my plans would have been dashed!!! No real worries though because these man are true HIMs and YHC knew they would come through in the clutch!! Although Brownbag did make it dramatic by arriving just as the COP began!! Before Brownbags arrival, there was a steady stream of PAX entering the AO, including Ralph Lauren DR from parts unknown. All came to see this Clash of the Titans and wondered if today’s QvQ could live up to all the hype!! If  you were there, the answer was “Yes!Yes! YES!!” If you missed today, you missed a real backyard brawl!!

Coin Flip/RockPaperSissors – Vitamin D – Chose 2nd & 4th Rounds . . . YHC took 1st & 3rd Rounds

5:29 – One Minute Warning given by (AOQ)

5:30 – Proper Disclaimer – Given by Skidmark (AOQ)

COP led by Skidmark – 20 SSH IC; 15 TTT IC; 15 Windmills IC; 15 LBAC IC; 15 LBAC Reverse IC


Round #1 – KEG STANDS

YHC took the baton from Skidmark’s COP and informed the PAX to mosey to the back parking lot and pair up. As we rounded the corner, the PAX were greeted by 10 beautiful 1/2 Kegs shimmering in the soft street lights. Everyone was excited as Brownbag (our resident DJ) hit the play button for Party Mix.  PAX #1 was instructed to due Balls to the Wall as PAX #2 hustled over to the Kegs and did a designated exercise. When PAX #1 finished Exercise #1 he returned to the wall and flip/flopped with PAX #2 . . . When PAX #2 finished Exercise #1 he returned to the wall and flip/flop. . . PAX #1 then hustled to Kegs for Exercise #2. . .etc, etc until PAX #2 completed Exercise #5.  At this point YHC still had 4 minutes to work with, so all PAX were instructed to Rinse & Repeat Exercise #1 and Exercise #2 while other team PAX continued to do balls to the wall (Sorry Hambuglar you may not substitute a Wall Sit). At the 1 minute mark, YHC instructed PAX the transport all of the Kegs to the Large Parking Lot (which would be used for Round #3)

Exercise #1 – 5 Curls

Exercise #2 – 5 Overhead Press

Exercise #3 – 5 Decline Merkins

Exercise #4 – 5 Squats

Exerxcise #5 – 5 Clean & Jerk


YHC passed the baton to Vitamin D and he instructed the PAX to double back the way we came. At the corner of the back parking lot and the Shovel Flag Lot, the PAX divide into 2 teams, “After all this was a competition!!”, for pallet races around the AO. Team #1 was led by YHC, while Team #2 was led by Vitamin D! While Vitamin D & YHC pushed our Pallets, the PAX remained at the start and complete 10 Merkins then mosey’d up to the pushers and switched to keep the pallet trains moving. Every time the pushing duties were switched, the remaining PAX did 10 Merkins. By the time we reached the Large Parking Lot everyone was smoked! Either our legs were burning from pushing pallets or our arms & chest were burning from the constant Merkins. The Pallet Trains made it around the AO in record time with 4 minutes to spare. Vitamin D improvised and had every PAX grab a coupon for 1 round of Colt 45’s (However YHC counted 10 reps for the Set #1 & Set #2 & 15 Reps for the 3rd Set . . . which  only gave us Colt 35’s)

Round #3 – KEG RUN

The Baton was given back to YHC and the PAX were instructed to Mosey with their Coupon back to the Large Parking Lot and put a coupon between each keg. Time for some drinkin’ trivia, “What do you do when the Party Keg Kicks?” . . .in Unison, “Keg Run!!”

Each PAX line up with either a Keg or a coupon. PAX #1 Calls out an Exercise for the rest of the PAX to do AMRAP as PAX #1 Runs the Parking lot then gets to the back of the line as the line shifts down and the next PAX calls and exercise and runs his lap.

Exercise #1 Overhead Press (Boxcar)

Exerise #2 – Curls (Quaker)

Exercise #3 – Lunges (Brownbag)

Exerise #4 –  BBS (The Intern)

Exercise #5 –  Manmakers (Skidmark)

Exerise #6 – Squats (Buffett)

Exercise #7 –  Tricep Extensions (One CAll)

Exerise #8 – Squats (Ralph Lauren)

Exercise #9 – (Overhead Press) Rubber

Exerise #10 – Flutterkicks (Redcoat)

Exercise #11 –  (Hamburglar)

Exerise #12 – Curls (Humpback)

Exercise #13 – LBCs (Rousey)

Exerise #14 – Decline Merkins (Vitamin D)

Exercise #15 – Bent Over Rows (Headgear)

After all PAX called and Exercise and ran a lap. . .PAX were instructed to Mosey with Kegs back to the Shovel Flag . . .NOTE: YHC could not remember all the exercises called or who called what! This is the best of my recollection during the heat of the battle!!


The Baton was handed to Vitamin D for the last time and he instructed the PAX to double back and mosey to the Large Parking Lot. The PAX were paired up for the last Round of today’s beatdown.  PAX #1 would back pedal down the width of the parking lot and mosey back to the start while PAX #2 did Manmakers AMRAP. .  .Goal was to get 50 manmakers between the 2 alternating PAX. To remain true to the basketball/March Madness theme, each PAX who was back pedaling would due 1 round down and back by chest passing a medicine ball with a fellow PAX. After 5 sets of Manmakers, Vitamin D called an audible and PAX were instructed to do Squats instead. After all PAX took a turn with the Medicine Ball, we mosey with the coupons back the the coupon pile and time was called.

Time Called @ 6:16

Count-o-Rama = 15


Announcements: Vote!!

Prayers for Buffett’s Father undergoing surgery and Vit. D’s patient who is getting shoulder reconstruction today. Prayers unspoken.

Moleskin: Tclaps to Vitamin D, YHC had a great time competing against you. Special thanks to Buffett for bringing out those 10 beautiful kegs it really made the beatdown memorable!! Special thanks to Brownbag for supplying the invigorating, memory stoking musical tracks. Thanks especially to all PAX who came out today and every day in our on going quest to Get Better!



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