co Q from co Brothers

co Q from co Brothers

Workout Date:





Bling, Geno, Lombardi, Varsity, Bubbles, Billboard, Franklin, UTI (Raleigh), Quarentine (Knoxville), Wolverine

The Thang:

Got a text from Lombardi Monday afternoon about grabbing the Q for Weedeater (still out with a swollen puss).  So I asked my twin brother Geno if he wanted to Co-Q this baby!  After the Murph Monday I was a little sore and needed the help!  I would take the COP, he would complete the Q!

81 and Humid- the sweat was waiting for us!  Pulled into the lot, made sure I had my speaker ready to roll, turned on the Mettalica shuffle (much to Billboard’s satisfaction!). lets head to the field/track.  as my shoes were already soaked from Monday, I made sure we ALL got our shoes wet in the “swamp”. Circle up Gents:

22 Merkins IC. #22Kills


20 IW IC

20 tempo squats IC

mosey to the next corner of the track:

20 arm circles forward, then backward

20 Carolina DD IC

20 Overhead Claps IC

run backwards to the next corner of track:

plank, right arm up, left arm up, low plank.  repeat over

jailbreak down to the last corner- then mosey to picnic tables

20 flutters IC

50 crunches OYO

20 step ups IC

50 calf raises OYO

20 step ups IC.  COP done!

Geno took over and all the PAX were suddenly saddened.   Mosey to Valor park- pair up for DORA

100 Merkins

200 BBSU

300 Squats

mosey to bridge- bear crawl to middle and lunge to end of bridge.  50 LBC’s OYO.  Mosey to flag……time!

Honor to Co-lead Warthog, appreciate the brotherhood/mumblechatter/roasting that always makes the workout go faster.  and the tunes!  great work by all!


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