Workout Date:



Rousey (Respect)


Hoser (WR AOQ), Quicksand (EG AOQ) and QIC

The Thang:

Conditions: Brisk 50s, slightly misty and gloomy!

YHC/QIC’s 4th Q at #ElevationMonday (EM) that is designed for both ruckers and runners scalable with the theme of each beatdown being hill work since we don’t have many of these in these parts!  Go DR and post at an AO where the Pax are used to hills and see what you’ve been missing brother!  Beach Church this morning with the George Bishop Pkwy. Bridge (GBPB)…no sharp declines (no bueno on the right knee)…just a never-ending ascent that we’ll make worse with additional weight!

This morning’s WOD would be simple…a moderate pace mosey of ruck and bag up and down GBPB…pain station w/ only leg exercises…RnR.

2 other #HIM showed up at Beach Church.  One minute warning, abbreviated disclaimer, and we got after it…

WARM-UP: Slow mosey with our gear…and when the legs were warm, pick up the pace.

SEGMENT 1: Ruck-n-bag up and over GBPB (apx. 1 mile).

SEGMENT 2: Mini Lt. Dan (Squats and 2x Lunges or Deadlifts) circuit.  We started at 5 and worked down to 1.

SEGMENT 3: Ruck-n-bag back to COT up and over GBPB.

SEGMENT 4: Supersized Lt. Dan circuit.  10 all the way to 1 w/ ea. Pax calling out an extra exercise at the end of ea. set.  So for ex., 10 Squats, then 20 Lunges or Deadlifts and 10 Upright Rows all the way to 1.


Abbreviated COR / NOR – 3 (1 had to leave abruptly to address a #codebrown #elvisaction and missed SEGMENT 4 and COT – lol!).
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.

Announcements: A ton of awesome stuff put on by the new F3GS 2021 Shared Leadership Team!  Please get on Slack and see all the amazing events happening now and on the horizon from all the Fs …too much to list…YUGE!!

NMMS: Strong work!  YHC’s legs are smoked (and I didn’t jam my right knee).  Guys made it look easy!  Good #mumblechatter and we talked through some weighty topics that occur best in the gloom!

Honor to lead!



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