Come as you are, as you were, As I want you to be

Come as you are, as you were, As I want you to be

Workout Date:



Grunge (F3 Churham)


Skimmer (Respect!), Rocky Top, War Eagle, Brown Bag (Respect!), El Red Cardo, Hump Back, Grunge

The Thang:

Conditons: 65 Deg, Nice breeze. Beautiful balmy Grand Strand morning.

One Minute Warning


Circle Up

SSH, x25 IC
1/4 Turn Left
SSH, x25 IC
1/4 Turn Left
SSH, x25 IC
1/4 Turn Left
SSH, x25 IC


Led PAX out to the soccer field. Circle up at Corner #1.

Announced to the PAX our workout for this morning. Today, we will be doing: A Series of Slaughters. As we perform the workout, you all will start to recognize a pattern emerging. Let’s get started.

Series #1:  Burpees/BW Squats

10 Burpees, OYO
9 BW Squats, SC
8 Burpees, OYO
7 BW Squats, SC
6 Burpees, OYO
5 BW Squats, SC
4 Burpees, OYO
3 BW Squats, SC
2 Burpees, OYO
1 BW Squat, SC
And…10 Burpees, OYO.

Mosey to Corner #2

Series #2: 8 Ct Body Builders/Monkey Humpers

10 8 Ct BB, As A Group
9 Monkey Humpers, SC
8 8 Ct BB, AAG
7 Monkey Humpers, SC
6 8 Ct BB, AAG
5 Monkey Humpers, SC
4 8 Ct BB, AAG
3 Monkey Humpers, SC
2 8 Ct BB, AAG
1 Monkey Humper, SC
And…10 8 Ct BB, AAG

Mosey to Corner #3

Series #3: Merkins/Mountain Climbers

10 Merkins, SC
9 Mountain Climbers, IC
8 Merkins, SC
7 Mountain Climbers, IC
6 Merkins, SC
5 Mountain Climbers, IC
4 Merkins, SC
3 Mountain Climbers, IC
2 Merkins, SC
1 Mountain Climber, IC
And…10 Merkins, SC

Mosey to Corner #4

Series #4: Bear Crawl/WWIIs

– Bear Crawl, 10 Paces IC, Crawl Bear Single IC Pace
– 9 WWIIs
– Bear Crawl, 8 Paces IC, Crawl Bear 2 IC Paces
– 7 WWIIs
– Bear Crawl, 6 Paces IC, Crawl Bear 3 IC Paces
– 5 WWIIs
– Bear Crawl, 4 Paces IC, Crawl Bear 4 IC Paces
– 3 WWIIs
– Bear Crawl, 2 Paces IC, Crawl Bear 5 IC Paces
– 1 WWII
– 10 Bear Crawl, 10 Paces IC, Crawl Bear 6 IC Paces

Mosey back to StartEx. Circle Up and introduced our round of Mary. This morning, we will perform the…Mary, Quite Contrary (6x6x6 BLIMPS): 6 Exercises, 6 Reps Each, 6 Sets.

1. Burpees, OYO
2. LBCs, SC
3. Iron Mikes, 1-2
4. Mtn Climbers, IC
5. Plank Jacks, SC
6. SSH, IC

– Perform each exercise x6
– Brief recovery after each superset, otherwise, no breaks during each set

And finish off with 10 Burpees, OYO!

Time called. Fin. Well done, brothers!


– Brown Bag: Be on the lookout for details and sign up for Dragon Boat, April 27. Awesome charitable event to support Myrtle Beach Ground Zero, a program to assist teens get back on their feet and off the street. The men of F3 Grand Strand will be seeking to repeat


YHC offered up prayer to close. Thank you, Brown Bag and the brothers of F3 Grand Strand for the hospitality and the opportunity to serve. Aye!

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