Come on man!

Come on man!

Workout Date:





Cubby, Viagara, Quaker (1st FQ)

The Thang:

AO: Timeshare

Conditions: Mid 60’s and absolutely perfect

So the last time I ran into Cubby he said, hey man, the Q sheet needs a little help. So I checked out the sheet and this month was wide open and easy pickings. It’s always fun to Q timeshare. You’ve got allot of options and summer time you get allot of DR pax who visit so make the effort, get on the Q sheet and check out the amazing brothers up here in the north end. I talked with Quaker and asked him to bring the tunes and not that disco music. Disco music is not motivating workout music IMO. And well he delivered. mumble chatter was strong and well the Joe Biden Come On Man reference was used. Which (Come on man)  is typically used when one can’t figure out what the next word or words are just like well…..Come on man!

F3 Mission I asked Quaker to give us. NAILED IT! Last mission statement Quaker gave us was kind of like listening to Joe Biden talk and form sentences.

Proper Disclaimer and well let’s go.

15 Each IC, Harry Rocketts, Tempo Squats, IW, LBAC F,R, Grady Corn, 20 SSH

Warmup was full of mumble chatter so no one really knows what we did hence, Come on man! Which was used allot during the warm up.

Time to mosey down Main Street to the public parking lot.

Partner Up, 100 Hand release- so wide arm down, release, move arms in for regular Merkin and back up. P2 mosey to end of lot and back

Mosey to next Public lot and keep partnered up for my next twist. 50 Rocky Burpees, which is a Rocky Balboa into a burpee. P2 mosey to end of lot and back. Everyone looked around, Come on man!

Mosey to next Public lot and keep partnered up for my next twist, 200 2 ct Crunchy frog/hand touch below each knee. P2 mosey to end of lot and back These are a quad burner!

Mosey to next Public lot and keep partnered up for my next twist 120 Merkins, on curb. Left arm on curb, P2 mosey to end of lot and back then switch arms every switch.

Mosey up and back Ocean Blvd 1/2 mile back to parking lot. 20 Squats on curb OYO. Feet on curb with a focus on proper squat form.

Mosey last 1/2 mile back to AO. Overall we mosey just over 2 miles today with a strong bit of strength training mixed in. It was at this point during the mosey we talked muscles and squats were still in the convo and Cubby told everyone he was extremely proud of if Butt muscles. It was a bit weird and unexpected but he was adamant that everyone knew he’s proud at his strong butt cheeks are. Your welcome for the detailed visual! Come on man! Was the proper response here.

Count-o-Rama 4



Hancher Bike ride, GrowRuck, Freedtobleed and AO challenge. Get your team on the Blood app!

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