Constitution Day…..1 Day late!

Constitution Day…..1 Day late!

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One Call, Valvano, Lombardi, Disconnect, Headgear, Hoser, Rousey, Bling

The Thang:

I’ve said it for 2 years plus- Wednesday WaveRucker is the best workout of the week/month/year/F3 history…….well, my opinion counts the most as I am writing the BB!  Grabbed the Q for this last week,  didn’t really plan anything until yesterday when I asked our “regs” to bring all their sandbags.  (this turned into a small lover’s quarrel in private text messages between me and my carpool date.  no worries, I won the argument yet again).  So, as I planned out the beatdown, I had committed the following bags

100 pound

80 pound

4 60 pound

Had some solid HC’s as usual from the Waverucker crew.  OC, Valvano, Lombardi, Hoser were in- great to have Rousey back in action (and now running like a deer!).  Its like pulling the teeth of a 4 year old getting Headgear to come ruck again- but, since he is on the Best Team for Shieldlock, he HAS to show up!  also because he invited Disconnect to join us for his 1st Waverucker (and probably last….). We had our 8 and were ready to tackle the morning……heavy style.

picked up my better half at 0405 and off we went.  Pulled in at 0423 to see cars and beautiful weather, about 73 and perfect!  Took a few. minutes to get everyone rounded up, had to wait for Valvano as usual, and off we went to the track for instructions.  (I had told Lombardi last week we would honor Eddie Money and Ric Ocasek after both passed away suddenly.  We are both music fans of the 70’s, and its obvious that Valvano and Disconnect have no clue about solid tunes).  Circle up for some warm up with rucks

20 squats (more to come……) IC

15 merkins IC

10 good mornings (my legs are tight!). OYO

15 merkins IC

20 squats IC

grab the bags- 6 bags, 8 PAX, you do the math….  Make our way to the parking deck as a group.  Stopped over the bridge to do a few more reps.

20 squats IC

15 merkins IC- continue our trek to the parking deck, drop sandbags once we get to the stairwell.

Told the group of my plan for the workout.  Yesterday 9/17 was Constitution Day (celebrating the writing of our High Laws in 1787, or 232 years ago). So I was prepared with little known facts to “stun” the crowd as we ruck/talk/push for 90 minutes.

in the stairwell, drop the bags, 20 squats IC, grab the bags and tackle the stairs to the top, 20 squats IC, switch weights with PAX and take the stairs back down.  drop bags and rucks- 20 more squats IC. (these are starting to get annoying).  Mosey the inclines to the top of the deck, 20 squats IC- walk the stairs down to our bags/rucks/rest.  20 squats IC.  Ruck and bag up, plan was to walk down to the planes (but I had other ideas…..). As we rucked east towards the planes, I had PAX drop 2 of the 60 pound bags at the corner (down to 4 bags now) to help (the 100 pound is a beast).  once we passed Toffino’s light, we dropped the other 2 60 pounders (down to 2 bags, 100 and 80) to help us move.

made it to the planes for 20 squats IC and some rest.  Talked for a few minutes about the GORUCK training we did with Fia in April, trying to see if they remembered that we left that 140 pound, 6 foot log at the planes to make our time hac!  Needless to say, it was still there.  Everyone was so happy!  SO- we had 40 minutes to now take the log (2 man teams), the 100 pound and 80 pound back to the AO.  AND pick up the 4 60 pound bags on the way- FUN!

Great work by all with the transitioning of the log to our teams- log never hit the ground until we made it back to AO, with time to spare! 22 squats IC, ran a 1/4 mile lap- 12 squats IC.

One Call led us for 32 flutters IC

Valvano led us for 25 Am hammers

Hoser led us for 25 Hello Dolly


Solid work by all- I love pushing myself and, in turn, other PAX to push thru to get the job done.  I find it awesome how all of us seem to take on a new attitude/mindset when the situation gets harder.  no one complains, no one quits, all of us pick up one another and crush it.

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