Control The Top – Destroy The Base

Control The Top – Destroy The Base

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Lombardi, Franklin, Weedeater, Turn & Cough, Geno, Billboard, One-Call, Podcast, Penelope, Flop

The Thang:

YHC (&Q) acted on a suggestion from the new 1st F Q High Interest to continue to test-out his hybrid bootcamp/Judo beatdown but at another AO.  #comfortzonechallanged. YHC’s desire is to Q the same type of beatdown at the other AOs to bring something different to the workout (#giveback), meet the other #HIMs, knock the rust off of something he enjoyed doing (but in hiatus for 2 years), and eventually earn the coveted patch.  AOQ Lombardi also encouraged YHC to go for it!

The conditions at #warthog were a delightful 65 degrees with little humidity, but rain had fallen the evening prior making the field soggy.  PAX trickled in with the typical rush at 3 minutes before start time.  I was impressed by the numbers and even more impressed by the awesome attitudes going into the workout.

One minute warning.

Good morning, F3 Mission and Disclaimer.

Warm up with SSH and Through the Tunnel IC; then

Continued warm up into phase 1 of the THANG with 5 sets of Burpees OYO (mostly 10 reps. ea.) with YHC stating an F3 core principle in between (who was mostly correct and good enough by his standard as a government employee).

Mosey on over to the track to do phase 2 traditional DORA-123 but with a 60lb bucket (with no handle) passed down to each PAX.  All did well carrying the bucket across the soggy field.  #cometoKBsmakesliftingheavystuffeasier.  YHC pretended there was no geese crap on the ground doing his bearcrawls.  One PAX illegally carried his bucket on their shoulder; typically requiring 30 burpees in a Spartan race.  Q’s mistake for not clarifying; I’ll do the burpees.  #whitelie.

Phase 3 YHC then showed PAX how to escape a full mount (Judo – tate shiho gatame) using the principle of “controlling top-destroying base”.  PAX paired up and worked the technique.  Well done!  A little harder to pull off in live sparring (Judo – randori).  #dontbebottomguy.  All looked ready to move onto next step (YHC was thinking juji gatame or hadake jime submissions), but time was running short and this was the infomercial for the short term Judo program at #bombsquad being launched 10/7 (see regional news on F3GrandStrand website-details forthcoming).

PAX finished with Judo inspired Ciabata’s (or Tabata) Merkins to polish off the arms.  Tabatas are a great way to do a short HIT type workout if there is a time constraint or as a way of developing anaerobic strength which is critical during randori.

COP with flutterkicks, pretzels, and reverse pickle pushers with accentuation thrust on last rep.

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama, and announcements (item/POC): possible emergency lodging/One-Call; 2nd F – CCU game/Podcast-Bling; 2nd F – CFHS/MBHS Football game on 9-14/Quaker; CSUP Spartan Beast on 11/4 – Rousey-Mudslide (as CSUP Q).  Get on slack to stay up to speed on everything F3GrandStrand.

BOM & Shout-out:  Safety & peace for all PAX, Ms, 2.0s re: Hurricane Irma, guidance & direction for #HIMs, gratitude for God’s work on the cross.

Thoughts: Although a little nervous in the beginning Qing a different AO, there was still that same F3 spirit making us a band of brothers that challenges us to be better men in all aspects of life.  Great job by all PAX! Truly honored to Q today gents!  #Iam3rd.

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