Conway’s Sweat Shop!

Conway’s Sweat Shop!

Workout Date:





Sitework, Beaker, Mayhem, Peach, Super Dave, Straplock, Tag Team, and YHC

The Thang:

After being DR for a week in the Lake Norman, NC area, I had completely forgotten about signing up for a Guest Q on the Monday After… VACATION! After a week of bad eating, chilling out, and sleeping past 4:15AM!  What was I thinking?

While in LKN I did make it to the #PAINinsula’s monthly #Horseshoe Workout.  It’s such a #snotwoggler it has its own name.  I hear its made a many man #SpewMerlot…  So I planned to bring it back to #SouthClick and introduce it to my friends at #Republic, but the #SkyQ had different plans.

Upon arrival things were looking normal, temps in the low 70’s and little humid breeze from the South. BUT the ONE MINUTE warning, was more than get yourself in position, it was a warning to get yourself some cover and fast!  Conditions deteriorated quickly!  Thunder and Lighting sent us on a mosey to the bridge for shelter but YHC or anyone else felt safe there.  Peach suggested we use the dilapidated THREE SIDED picnic shelter, Strap Lock suggested we grab coupons, on the way, and the #PAX realized we were going to make this happen…  We collected cement blocks and 2 wooden pallets, and made our way over just in time to beat the rain, but then inside the shelter we found a rough concrete floor with broken glass.  The #PAX did not wiper or whine! These #HIM had planned to take the #DRP and were not going to give up!  So we kicked the glass out the way, got our coupons in place, and circled up!

Warm up:

SSHx50, IC

10 Merkins (Educated the PAX what a real Merkin was… amazing at what you learn listening to #F3Nation’s Podcast “43Feet”)

40 Imperial Walkers, IC

5 Burpees, OYO

35 Windmills, IC

5 Burpees, OYO (Sent Peach for his truck to give us light)

40 Mountain Climbers, IC

YHC asked the PAX to line up coupons along the back wall and we placed the pallets at the end of the building (60FT long).  Opened a few windows hoping to find a breeze, but there was none!  The air was not moving, the rain was pouring and we were already drenched in sweat.  Organized ourselves in pairs, hashed out a few ideas and off we went!

Round One

Push Pallets (timer),  Curls, Tricep Extension, and Merkins with coupons.  x 3

Round Two

Push Pallets (timer), OH Press, Shrugs, and Deep Squats with coupons. Rinse and repeat x3

Round Three

Lunges with coupon (timer), Rocky Balboas, calf raises on the pallet, and Squats. Rinse and repeat x3.

Had time for a little Mary

35 LBC

25 W’s


Super Dave’s daughter


Friday Morning Kettle Balls and Saturday workout needs Q’s.


Luke 11:9 “So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to youseek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

In taking the DRP, we are seeking to making ourselves better.  Fighting against the tendency to be complacent. Jesus never offers us an idea of complacent living or to give our every want.  He challenges us to produce fruit for His glory.  You have to make an intentional effort to produce fruit in life, and our families and workplaces are our garden.  I am a better man because of my brothers at #F3.


YHC was proud of this PAX this morning.  It was worth the price of admission. There was good leadership shown in the PAX, excellent cooperation, and input lead to a great beatdown! The pallets are no joke in high humidity and rough concrete.  These #HIM came together as a unit to overcome our situation and found a way to get it done.  It just illustrates the quality of men who we have the honor to rub shoulders with every day in #F3. #ShieldLock #SharedLeadership #ISI

It was an honor to lead!


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