Costume party anyone

Costume party anyone

Workout Date:





O’douls, Onecall, Single Barrel, Early Bird (Kotter) Isotope, Headgear, Hacksaw (Randal W FNG), Mouse Pad, Rocky Top, Skimmer (Respect), Rousey (AOQ), Kiwi (Respect), Valvano, Pikachu

The Thang:

AO: Catapult

Conditions 71 and it feels great.

Leading up to the Workout OneCall informed me that the PAX would be a larger number than were used to at Catapult. Catapult is used to 5-6 PAX so when a big crowd shows up, must be…. oh that’s right #Shieldlock and Best Team padding their numbers for a win. Catapult is perfect for the FNG’s and kotters looking to come back for a solid workout with great modifiers.  Anyway, I can’t take full responsibility for the workout. I did reach out to OneCall for some advice on the workout based on the PAX size. And of course I always hit up Rousey through my Q to keep me on schedule. It’s awesome to have great leaders to learn from and continually hone the Q skills.

Kiwi was in the parking lot when I showed up to setup the workout. COSTUME printed and stapled for the PAX to read. By the time I got back to the Invisible Shovel flag, the parking lot was full of PAX ready to see what was in store for the morning. I had to run in and give the One Minute Warning as setting up the workout took a couple more minutes that expected. Ok time to get going

Proper Disclaimer given and we’re off

Hairy Rockets 15 IC (Non regulars were not impressed, actually looked irritated, oh well) IW, TTT, HB IC 20 Ea, LBAC F,R, OHC, Seal Claps, OHP 20 EA IC (Total of 100) SSH 20IC.

Ok, time to move on and get after it. Mosey to Coupon pile, grab a coupon and walk to main parking lot to begin the C.O.S.T.U.M.E. workout.

Dora style workout except all sets are 100. No increase like a traditional Dora.

C = Curls x 100

O = Overhead Press X 100

S = Side Straddle Hop X 100

T = Tempo Squats X 100

U = Upright Rows X 100

M = Mountain Climbers (2 count) X 100

E = Explosive Merkins X 100

Explained to the PAX what the workout was and that each letter represented an exercise to spell the word Costume for Halloween. Exercise list was placed in five strategic locations for all PAX to read. You vs You workout. You get out what you put in. Only exercise that needed an explanation was Explosive Merkins which is a merkin you put everything into. You should push up so hard you should be able to push your hands off the ground. True form and hard push, these will smoke you. Question was asked if PAX was to run with the block, QIC thought for a quick second, sure PAX choice to carry block. Great Idea Rousey! Thanks.

Great push and work by all, workout was completed by all with little to no questions, just past 6 am. Time to return coupons and back to the invisible shovel flag. Circle up for some Mary Ab workout. QIC set a 15 max for any ab exercise and selected PAX to choose exercise. Time constraints didn’t allow to get through all PAX. QIC started with 10 Crunchy Frogs IC, Rousey LBC 10 IC, OneCall Hello Dolly 15 IC, Headgear 15 BBSU some sort of cadence, Bling Flutters 15 IC. I was glad to see all workouts were actually ab workouts.

Rousey led us in some stretching which is how we actually end the workouts in Catapult.


FNG naming time, OneCall took control here since QIC has ZERO experience naming anyone. We welcomed Randal Wallace Real Estate agent and former City Council member to the group. Allot of interesting names were throw around bit Hacksaw is why stuck.



Announcements: Get on slack, Kiwi, CCU home football game tickets available for 2nd F event. Sorry can’t remember who actually got the tickets. OneCall preached how awesome #Catapult is for FNGs and kotters coming back into working out. I’m a true testament to that. #Catapult has been amazing for me to get back into shape.

Prayers: Unspoken.

Its an Honor to lead and amazing that these men out their trust in me to lead the workout today. Thank you to all for trusting me.














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