Cracker Jack (John)

Cracker Jack (John)

Workout Date:



Kiwi (2XRespect)


Cracker (FNG), Quaker (Nan-Tan), Spinal Tap, Chicken Little, Mal-practice (3Xrespect), Manziel, Quicksand, and Cubby

The Thang:

Conditions: unseasonably warm for early March with lots of yellow stuff floating around in the air.

Well when it comes to backblasts I always say better late than never! This one was delayed but here it is.

With Flop over in England enjoying a warm Guinness while the Timeshare Pax hold down the fort I thought it a perfect time to go up and lead a workout to support this AO. Timeshare has a little bit of everything as a AO and that is one of the things I enjoy about it. Your not far from the beach but yet have some great parks close by to use for all kinds of beatdowns. Had a nice little clown car ride up with F3 Spinal Tap and our new Nan-tan F3Quaker who has been diligent along with his Co First Fs – Texas Ranger and Hamburglar in getting out to many different AOs since taking on their new responsibilities. We had an FNG brought in by Manziel (North) so it was a great day! His name is John – F3 Cracker thus the title of this BB.

The Thang

Warm up

15-20 of everything including

Harry Rockettes

Imperial Walkers

Tempo Squats

Hill Billies


LBAC F/R BBAC F/R Air Presses

Mosey towards the park with a stop at the parking lot to listen to the pastor for the little roadside chapel at 5:30 blasting out his sermon while we did STATION 1

Bobby Hurleys (jump squats) -20

Should taps – 4 count IC – 20

Mountain Climbers – 4 Count – 20

Squats – 20

Mosey to STATION 2 down in the park using the picnic tables we did

Dips – 20

Step ups – 20 each leg

Inclined merkins – 20

Slow mosey to the playground which has a rubberized surface perfect for:

BBSUs – 20

Hello Dollies IC – 20

Jack Webbs – we did a total of 7 – these are a burner – look them up you’ll love em!

Moseyed back to the parking lot for another shorten round of

Hydraulics (not a good idea to do these in a rough parking lot we found out)

Then back to the Flag where we finished strong with Burpees!


– naming of new F3 Cracker – Manziel EHed John and loved this for his f3 name – not sure all the reasoning but it you go up to Timeshare you ask them yourself!

COT – Prayers unannounced and announced

Honor to Lead!