Workout Date:





Crankbait, TexasRanger, Beefsteak, Quaker(R), Spork, ERC, Rubber, BrownBag(R), Headgear(QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Bombsquad

Conditions: Wet, cool, but not raining. 43 degrees.

About 1700 night before, YHC was getting ready to HC to ElevationMonday at DougShaw Stadium.  Just this past Saturday, 30 PAX were led through a 3 hour GrowRuck Preview by OneCall and Valvano.  It was a great experience and is a great team builder for our region. #Accelerate.  So YHC was pretty excited about throwing my ruck on again and getting after it at the stadium but then decided to check the Q sheet for some reason.  What???? YHC on the Q sheet for Feb 1st at BombSquad?  Hmmm….maybe I did to that but completely forgot.  Spork has been so persistent about getting me on the Q sheet and I know its been a while so I jumped on the sheet.  For a few minutes I was seriously thinking Spork must have just thrown me on there. So anyway, no EM but what can we do.  30 PAX were smoked from Saturday and it should be cool and raining, wonder how many will show up.  Better ask for some HCs but not knowing what to do yet, YHC mentioned the customized workout I was crafting.  HCs start popping up…our Nant’an, BrownBag,  AOQ, Spork, former 3rd F Q, Crankbait brining the ShieldLock team, and soon to be BombSquad AOQ, Beefsteak.  Numbers are coming in and these PAX are fit so what can I plan.  Rumor is some PAX were asking if this was a rucking workout as apparently, I have branded myself and the region has had a few random rucking workouts pop up.  No rucks today!  Let’s go!

1 Minute Warning


1 Minute Warning



1 Lap

SSH x30 IC (waiting on ERC)

TTT x15 IC

Windmills x15 IC


IW x15 IC

Merkins x22 OYO

TempoSquats x25 IC

 1 Lap


Group Work – To the front of the church


Merkin (returning PAX calls down)- Each PAX runs around the circle


TempoSquats (Change this part up – Next PAX to go calls down) – Each PAX runs around the circle


FlutterKicks (Next PAX to go calls down) – Each PAX runs around the circle


Burpees (Next PAX to go calls down) – Each PAX runs around the circle


FORWARD (Except for TexasRanger who wanted to be different with reverse lunges) Standing in Place Lunge (Next PAX calls down) – Each PAX runs around the circle


American Hammers (Next PAX calls cadence) – Each PAX runs around the circle


Low Plank (Hold) – Each PAX runs around the circle – Made it to Quaker…somewhere along the line BrownBag, Rubber and Quaker started singing random songs (this was supposed to be a SandBag Carry but we ran out of time)

Mosey back to the flag.

Announcements – EH one FNG each month or hug them.  Post 20 Beatdowns in February – Announced workouts with 2 or more PAX will count.  FreedToBleed on March 2nd – If you are donating bring an extra donor with you.  If you aren’t donating, then send someone in your place.

GrowRuck22 is coming and we need you to be there with us – Rubber is in because, yes, we need another guy to help carry the weight.  Crankbait, still think we can talk you into it.   ERC has been running around with a weight vest so he must be in.  Beefsteak is next on the EH list.  TR celebrates his kids birthdays all night long and gave his ruck to Quaker so…

Prayers – John Poston and his family

This was a fun workout…for me at least so I hope you guys had fun!  It was a little harder than I expected but that is often the case.  I loved how the PAX got creative with our burpees, flutter kicks, America Hammers, lunges etc.  Great work by all! It’s always an honor to lead!


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