Date Night at Timeshare (11/4/17)

Date Night at Timeshare (11/4/17)

Workout Date:





Cubbie, Viagra, Ingrown (F3 New Bern), Beaker

The Thang:

Conditions: perfect morning.  Full moon, quite romantic.
Side straddle hops 25X IC
through the tunnel 20X IC
Imperial Walkers 20X IC
Hillbillies 20X IC
Plank it up
Slo-mo dancing bears ~20sec holds
Dancing Bears 20X IC
Mosey to the Beach
[Full Moon, Sunrise, Plenty of sadclown watchers]
Find a date for Dora 123
100 merkins, 200 big boy situps, 300 squats
Jailbreak to flag 5 burpees backpedal to startex.
Jailbreak the flag 5 burpees lunge walk back.
Mosey to back to beachfront parking. find 2ft high wall.
 10X incline merckins
10X one-legged incline merkins
 flap jack other leg for 10X more merkins.
20 step-ups
20X dips IC
Mosey to “City PArk” (South 2 blocks)
At the boxing Ring:
People’s chair with air press 75X
10X Cliff-hanger Merkins
Rinse and repeat last 2 with 50X AP / 10X Cliff hangers
Rinse and repeat last 2 with 25X AP  / 10X Cliff hangers
Rinse and repeat last 2 with hallejuah hold + 10X OH claps IC + 10 cliff hangers
Mosey back to beachfront parking.
flutter kicks 30X IC
10X IC wall squats
10X IC flop squats (heels on wall, knees to ground.)
Mosey to AO
Pax Choice for Mary
Ingrown: 007’s  (Get your PPK in American hammer position. Hold left, hold right, hold center, hold up.)
Viagra: American Hammers
Cubbie 25lbcs
Beaker crunchy frogs  IC
5 burpees OYO to close it out.
Christmas party.
True North Retreat.  Open to all..  Hoedown sponsoring it. Feb 2018.
Prayer Requests:
Spring Roll: Health
Burgundy: Ab pain.
Barbie: DR for funeral.
Great having Ingrown DR.  007’s are stupidly simple and hurt once your abs are on fire. Looks like pain level was appropriate since we have Cubbie, Viagra, and Barbie on Q next week so YHC is not dishing out the pain.
– Beaker

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