Dead Battery?? 800 lbs already loaded!!

Dead Battery?? 800 lbs already loaded!!

Workout Date:





Beefsteak, Rousey, Vitamin D, Skidmark, Boxcar, Rocky Top, Crankbait, Quaker, Sunshine, Valvano, Garth, Bling, Weedeater, Billboard, Brown Bag (RESPECT), Jingles (RESPECT), FNG Jasmine (Ramene A.), OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

70, Damp, turned very wet.

Monday morning arrived and YHC was excited to Q!  And bring some new coupons to #BombSquad after reading about the cinderblocks that were there getting destroyed last week.  So, YHC loaded up the Subaru with a ton of coupons yesterday and was ready to roll.  Chug a cup of coffee, eat some espresso beans, set the house alarm, walk out, jump in the car, push button start, or NOT.  WHAT?!?  A dead battery??  You’ve got be kidding me.  Hmmm…teenage son just got license, took car over weekend with buddies…apparently an interior light left on.  Well, time to really please the M.  No no, not like that, more like by reentering the house at 5 am to tick the dog off and get him barking, and of course set off the alarm beeping.  Yep.  The M’s love the old have-to-sneak-back-in-the-house-at-5am thing.  O well.  I grabbed the keys to my old beater Jeep in case I needed that to get to the AO (with what would be a modified Q) and the portable charger.  Back out, hook up charger, try again….whew.  Started.   Let’s do this again…only now 8 minutes later.  Glad I was early.  Passed Bling running (walking) to the AO.  Dumped out the blocks in a nice circle.  Round to start.  Billboard was there, and lookie lookie…Weedeater!  1st post in 2+ weeks.  He likes to be a Kotter each and every month.  And then they all started pulling in.  Quaker, Rousey, Jingles, Skidmark, Boxcar, and list went on and on.  Including my EH of a FNG from church yesterday!!!!!  At one point there was a traffic jam turning in!!  Wow!!!  And the rain was misting, and maybe gonna hold up, and then no…just a steady drizzle all morning!

1 minute warning

SSHs x 20 IC
Merkins x 10 IC
IW x 20 IC
Diamond Merkins x 10 IC
Tempo Squat x 20 IC
Wide-arm Merkins x 10 IC
[At this point, only 60 merkins in, Bling feels the need to announce there are other exercises besides merkins – #SoWeak]
Lunges x 10 each leg OYO
CDDs x 10 IC
Windmill x 10 IC
Tempo Merkins x 10 IC
We also did some planking throughout the COP to introduce the FNG, and to refresh the PAX (Quaker) of the mission and 5 core principles!!!

Mosey to the large parking lot with a circle around the island for the 6 and to the stones set up

Announcement made – we would do some exercises, we would keep it to 20 for the most part, use good form, we would mosey around the parking lot to break up the exercises.  If you see bad form, call em out.  Billboard was randomly yelling “bad form” – I guess I should have also given the PAX the authority to yell out “bad counting!” to Billboard – thank you Beefsteak for saving Billboard on that!

Curls x 20
Finish with a slow 10 count reverse curl
Tricep Extensions x 20
Finish with a slow 10 count extension
Triple Crush x 20

Upright rows x 20
Shoulder Press x 20
Shrugs x 20 each arm
[Bling apparently needs to stop playing so much Fortnite and work on his grip strength]
Hold block straight out in front; 3 rounds, start at 1, each PAX count, quick rest, do it again – 3x
Staggered CDD’s x 10 each arm

Good mornings x 20
Goblet Squats x 20
Lunges x 10 each leg
Calf Raises x 54 (3x around with PAX counting 1×1)

Flutters with block presses x 20 IC
BBSU x 20
Swings x 20
Staggered Merkins x 10 each arm

Head to the coupon storage pile to dump off the coupons BUT
EITHER farmers carry or OH hold the blocks back
Alternate as needed

Back to parking lot
Lazy DORA or regular DORA if you wanted to run
YHC wanted to provide for Rousey’s bum knee and FNG and newer dudes
Total was 60 reps (30 for each PAX) of each:
Flutters (2 count)
If doing it lazy style, have P2 counting reps while Planking, Al Gore-ing, or 6-inches-ing
If running, do your reps right while P2 runs
Plank on 6
Finish with 22 Merkins in single count cadence for our Veterans – #22Kills
Jailbreak (yes, or mosey for those that asked), back to the SF


Count-O-Rama – 18, with FNG Jasmine (some middle eastern heritage, Jafir was thrown out, but it was said, we are not Disney…um but then we got Jasmine!?!?!? – Disney female characters are acceptable!)
Prayer requests for Vitamin D’s FIL
Prayer requests unspoken

– Great time today!!!
– Strong work by everyone!
– Seeing 18 guys on a Monday morning was very humbling.  Especially in the rain!  I truly appreciate everyone coming out and showing their support.  The camaraderie is awesome.  Even when we don’t see each other on the regular, all these F3 men are there to better themselves, and even more importantly, to better the men around them.  From friendly banter and encouragement, to picking up the 6, to just being there with a pat on the back and to circle up in prayer.  It’s all these things that make F3 such an amazing experience and a great organization.  Even with a dead battery and having to scramble around, I never thought twice about not showing…something easy to do without the accountability and fellowship!!!
– There are some ridiculous beasts out there.  In fact, I think it was Bling that asked Skidmark to pose and flex and generally impress him.
– Then there’s Crankbait, Sunshine, Vitamin D, and Brown Bag – total animals.  And they smile the whole time!
– Beefsteak claims his name comes from a type of tomato.  Sure.  Has nothing to do with the fact that he is a beefsteak.
– Boxcar has fully redeemed himself and his fear of rain!!
– Great meeting Valvano’s EH from last week – Garth.  Strong work!  Great having Valvano back on the regular as well!
– When Rousey finally fixes his knee he’s gonna get us all back!
– Quaker – sporting a sharp looking Hasselhoff shirt!!  Thought he’d go full Hasselhoff after getting it soaked, but he disappointed us by keeping it on!
– Rocky Top quietly smoked the workout!
– YHC always enjoys posting with Jingles who has been a strong part of F3GrandStrand since early on!
– Great having Jasmine come out!  Been chatting with him a bit at church as he does an amazing job with the children’s ministry.  Yesterday was able to chat a bit longer and throw out the EH – and he was excited!  And to post in the rain, on a Monday, and get a GREAT name – o, he’ll be back!!!  He said to me after the workout, I’ll be back, I got a ways to go, but I’ll be back.  Brother, we all always have a ways to go, but as far as the workouts, we all started somewhere and we all keep improving and keep pushing each other to improve.  Take some Advil, rest up, and keep pushing.  Great having you with us!!  Be sure to get a pic Wednesday – I forgot today in the rain, but in 6 months, you will wanna see the body transformation.  It’s truly amazing.

– None announced, but if there is hurricane/flood work that needs to be done – share it with the PAX and we will get it done!
– Mini Marathon in MB this Sunday – many running and many rucking!


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