Deck of Death – Catapult

Deck of Death – Catapult

Workout Date:





Picachu, Early Bird, O’Douls, Penelope, Single Barrel, Kiwi (respect)

The Thang:

AO: Catapult

Conditions:  Cooler at 68 degrees, clear and still

Arrived early at around 5:10 with not a lot to do but set up for the card game that would provide this morning’s beat down.  Per his name, Early Bird showed up early and was ready to go,  followed by O’Douls, Picachu, and Single Barrel rolling in at the one minute warning.  Penelope probably due to the need oil his new bionic hip rolled in during warm up but we were all glad to see him and Early Bird back in the swing of things.  After a little mumble chatter about how all were still feeling the effects of Rousey’s 21 fun with merkins and BBSUs from the previous Catapult workout I provided the disclaimer and mission of F3.

Warm up

15 TTT

15 Batwings – consisting of LBAC-F, LBAC -B, FC, OHCs

20 SSH

Moseyed over to coupon pile grabbed our pavers and got to the card playing

Deck of Death

Biceps Curls from 2-13 (2-King) – Spades

Tricep Extensions from 2-13 – Clubs

Lion Kings from 2-13 – Diamonds

Merkins from 2-13 – Hearts – serious mubble chatter after the 200 of these we all did last work out with Rousey – but all after it.

Jokers and Aces produced choice of fast mosey to the baseball field and back or Mary of your choice including BBSUs, LBCs, Flutters, Crunchy Frogs (always a thanks to Picachu for these beauties), etc.

Finished the deck just in time, returned the coupons, moseyed back over to the back parking lot (which no one knows why we even park there because we never stay there.) and finished with annoucements:

F2 – Putt Putt / Ice Cream Social being set up by Bling

Possible time change to follow suit with other Qs but currently we are staying as is.

IronPax / Shield Challenge


Prayers – Kids / Teachers Safety for Schools, Early Bird – only 2% of all moneys raised for cancer go to children cancer research so prayers and information on fund raisers for parents and kids suffering with cancer,  Silent Prayers.


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