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Lombardi, Fergie, Bling, Surf and Turf, Valvano, Bubbles, Headgear, Karma, Adidas (Bluffton), OneCall

The Thang:

Breezy but oh so nice at 63
That was the air.  The ground was however AWFUL.  Swamps, mud, water EVERYWHERE.  So had to modify the #weinke so that Fergie didn’t go into rage mode.  It seems if you tell him he may have to change clothes he goes ballistic.  Also, bring a change of clothes and shoes and a towel to the #GrowRuck Training on the 27th!

So, with GrowRuck training in full blast with #EM, #WaveRucker, pre-rucks, post-rucks, dog walking rucks, heavy rucks, heavier rucks, and everything else, we need to run too.  So….

Circle up in parking lot
SSH x 20 IC
IW x 15 IC
Merkins x 10 IC – Battle between Valvano and Karma brewing!!!
TTT x 10 IC – Bling’s absolute FAVORITE exercise
Plank – stretch calf
While here, CDD’s x 15 IC

Let’s mosey to this side of bridge and circle up
Tempo squats x 20 IC
Lunges x 10 each leg OYO
Tempo Diamond Merkins x 10 IC

Mosey to corner at Valor Park
Prisoner Squats x 15 OYO
Staggered Merkins x 5 each way OYO
If Valvano does at home what he did here…WOW!

Mosey up the parking deck to where we break to “outside” location
Plank or LBC on the 6

We would do suicides – 4 stops
Speed bump 1
Speed bump 2
Break of ramp
Touch ground at each stop
Running uphill is always a suckfest

Due to the people sleeping near our location, I didn’t wanna call everything out, so these are all OYO.  We have gotten in trouble before for being too loud in the deck
25 Squats
10 Lunges up the ramp
10 reverse back down
Curbs – 50 x Calf Raises
10 Curb lunges – these are brutal

Another round of suicides – 3 stops this time
PAX wondering if this is really a OneCall Q.  I mean, we still did a lot of merkins and leg work…just added in some awesome sprinting!

25 Merkins
25 CDDs
15 Diamond Merkins along with 10 (5 each) x 1 hand on Curb merkins

Another round of suicides – 2 stops this time

AT THIS POINT, Surf and Turf HC’d to do GrowRuck – you all heard it!!!!
Here is link

20 BBSUs
30 4 count Flutters
50 LBC’s
20 American Hammers – count right side

Last round of suicides
1 stop, BUT, then reverse run uphill 1 stop and regular run back and then reverse run uphill 2 stops, and then reverse run back #QuadBurner

Walk the straightaway as our 10 count
3 burpees
Run down each level and 3 burpees at each to bottom and wall sit
While wall sitting, each PAX call out 10 OH press for a solid total of 100!!!!  SMOKED

Run to this side of bridge and burpees on the 6
When all back, 3 burpees
Run to Start
All back – 3 burpees


Count-O-Rama – 10
Prayer requests for Surf and Turf’s friend battling cancer!  Beat it once, let’s do it again!
Prayer requests for our country
Prayers unspoken

– Lombardi – quiet today, but destroying the beatdown at all aspects!!!
– Fergie – check it!
– Bling – he has been dropping the lbs getting ready for HTL and it shows!!!
– Surf and Turf – #beast – sign up for #GrowRuck – awesome seeing you come out of Karma’s love-mobile
– Valvano – He takes like 1 step for most of our 2, and Soto’s 4!  #beast
– Bubbles – runner, rucker now.  And incredibly, SLACK EXPERT!!!!!!  He may even see this BB!!!
– Headgear – new shoes.  Looked very nice.  Clean.  Very glad we stayed out of the mud.  Why did Karma beat you?
– Karma – Super fast; needs merkin work.  Destroyed Soto on the first dash up the hill
– Adidas – Another #beast.  Already signed up for #GrowRuck – trying to bring more.  Destroyed everything we threw at him!
– Great work today by everyone.  Keep it up!!!  Enjoyed leading!Announcements
– #WaveRucker Wednesday – training – Soto on Q; Yoga will be involved
– #GrowRuck Training hosted by Valvano and YHC assisting on 2/27!  Sign ROSTER NOW!
– FreedtoBleed Round 3 on March 2.  SIGN UP!  Save 3 lives.  Stay tuned for location change.
– GrowRuck – 4/30-5/2/21  – SIGN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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