Decline Day with a mixed bag

Decline Day with a mixed bag

Workout Date:



Kiwi & Pikachu


O’douls, Rousey, Pikachu, Kiwi

The Thang:

  1. Kiwi was on Q today but hurt his shoulder and needed some assistant so the only natural thing that came to mind was help a brother out in need.  Numbers have been down in Catapult and I’m assuming the colder weather is playing a role. But four is better than two. Motivation can before tough with only two Pax and a freezing cold morning.

Proper Disclaimer and Principals


20 SSH IC,  20 LBAC F, R IC, 20 OHC IC,  22 Merkins OYO, 15 IW IC – Thanks Kiwi

Round 1

Mosey to coupon pile and mosey back to invisible shovel flag.

20 Decline Curls IC, Mosey to cross, 30 Incline Merkins OYO

mosey back to Invisible shovel flag

20 Decline Tricep extensions IC, Mosey to Cross, 30 Decline shoulder taps OYO

mosey back to Invisible shovel flag

20 Decline Curls IC, Mosey to cross, 15 Incline Merkins OYO

Walk like an Egyptian back to Invisible Shovel Flag.

Round 2

Suicides using parking lot lines 10 lines total next to Invisible shovel flag adjacent to COP.

Run up and back on every line, 5 OHP on every return

Run up and back every second line, 5 Lion Kings on every return

Run up and back every third line, 10 Tricep Extensions in every return.

Circle up for Mary, Ab time

Rousey- 5 WWII sit-up things that really sucked.

Pikachu – 15 Crunchy Frogs IC

Kiwi – 20 Flutter Kicks IC

O’douls – 20 Ankle taps IC

Rousey stretches us out – Time!



Announcements, CCU Football game Saturday, Christmas Party Dec 7, Turkey Trot at Plantation Lakes, Catapult and Village will meet at Plantation Lakes Thursday.

Prayers- Keep families and holiday difficulties in prayers. Holidays can be tough for families also be kind and understanding during the Christmas season.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone





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