Desperately Seeking Skimmer

Desperately Seeking Skimmer

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Skimmer, Bling, Valvano, OneCall, Headgear, Vitamin D, Runway, Quaker (YHC)

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 72 degree, somewhat sticky

As YHC rolled down River Oaks Drive, vehicles were turning onto Frontage Rd B heading for the Hulk, because why else would anyone be driving on Frontage Rd at this time of the day!! It warmed my heart to see all this activity, and with Hottub DR again (He treats his AOQ position like it’s a government job – checking in on the worker bees via media and then dropping the hammer on the rare occasions that he rewards the Hulkamaniacs with his presence) YHC became the de faco Q this morning.

Looked like we were going to post some strong numbers! When I pulled into the lot, Vitamin D was already taking a warm-up run under the bridge. As I got out of my truck I saw none other than Valvano, then One Call, and even Bling!! “You boys ready to run??” “Ah, not quite,we’re rucking.  . . we’re here for Soto and to earn maximum ShieldLock points” (28 last week was not enough) Are these PAX trying to ‘Bluegrass’ the competition?? You be the judge! #Suspect.

Besides the “B”-Team, Runway had pulled up and looked like he was ready for some serious business, sporting a baseball cap (pulled backwards) and a pair of racing goggles!! The final PAX, Skimmer, arrived at the 30 second warning. 8 PAX ready to hit the asphalt!!

5:14 – One Minute Warning

5:14:30 – Mandatory Stretching

5:15 – Silent Disclaimer


The Hulkamaniacs gave the Ruckers a 1-2 minute head start up the bridge as the runners decide on a plan of attack.  It was agreed that the PAX would make a visit to The Village. Rousey was on Q and he might be lonely (not only was he Qing The Village on a Friday but he also tweeted out last night that Beach Bells would be making an appearance).

Time to go and the PAX took off at a blistering pace and caught up to the Ruckers near the top of the Bridge. In my mind I thought we would catch the Ruckers and then down shift a notch, I was wrong! At this point One Call became our pace car and pushed ever faster down the east side of the Bridge.

The pace was strong . . . YHC thought Headgear was pushing me, and headgear thought Vitamin D and Runway was pushing him . . .so we all just kept pushing each other.

Half way through the Grove on Col. Bob Bell Path, Runway finally spoke up, “ Do you all know what our pace is? Is this a speed day?” At this point Runway announced that we were in high gear, running a 7:30 pace!! What !!? Do these legs even go 7:30??

As soon as our pace was announced we all subconsciously scaled it back to an 8:30 pace for the rest of the run. Like most Fridays we talked about running as we ran. Furthest runs, locations, and terrain. YHC even discovered that the MB ½ was cancelled one year due to a snow event and other races have been called in the middle due to inclement weather. How’s that done when the race has already started?? YHC got a mental image of the Blues Brothers’ Cop Car with the Giant Speaker strapped on top driving down the race course!!

At the intersection of 17 Bypass and 62 Avenue N., all 4 of the runners crossed and headed towards The Village. Down Frontage Road parallel to 17 and through the Village Gate. Good sign – there was at least 3 cars in the lot, so Rousey was not swing his Bell solo in the Gloom. As we came upon the Beatdown we saw Skidmark carrying the large sandbag on his shoulders around the lot being followed by Boxcar carrying a cinder block in the same direction. The Hulkamaniacs ran the perimeter of the large parking lot and circled back on the rest of the Village PAX, 8 total, too!! Great numbers! Including an FNG!!

We then exited through the main gate as YHC started heading east towards the beach. At this point Vitamin D asked, “Should we wait for Skimmer?” Unbeknownst to YHC and apparently the rest of the PAX we had separated from Skimmer somewhere between the bottom of the bridge and the crossing light on 17. Since No Man Is Left Behind we turned around and headed back the way we came.

Crossing over 17 Bypass we could go left or straight . . .Headgear point out that proper technique is to go where the PAX most likely would be not where he came from. Therefore we stayed straight on 62nd Avenue heading west. We ran to the first turn about and still no sign of Skimmer as time neared the 22 minute mark.

As we circled around the turn about YHC saw a green shirted figure deep in the Gloom down on Marina Parkway. . . Could this be our lost brother??? Vitamin D assured the rest of the group that Skimmer was wearing a red shirt, not green, so we continued our recon in a direction toward the YMCA.

Along the way back to the bridge we passed the Ruckers and asked if they had seen Skimmer? No luck. Where could he be, what was he thinking about us leaving him?

As we came to the base of the bridge we kicked up the pace for our ascent and were almost in a full sprint down the other side. Everyone was giving it all they had for the final stretch. As we neared Frontage Road Vitamin D wanted to make sure we got our full monies worth today and announced that there was still 8 minutes left!!! “Lets keep running!!!”

We crossed Frontage Road and into the unnamed park for a 6 minute trail run, picking up barbs along the way!! Back onto Frontage Road we sprint to the Hulk!! Still no Skimmer. The Ruckers were there and admonished us for leaving a brother behind!! They pointed out that as Ruckers they never leave a man behind. In our defense we were in the zone and knocking out a 7:30 pace!!

The Numbers: 8:34 Pace; 4.85 miles; 4-5 PAX??


Prayers and Praise for Runway’s M who is starting a new job this week, Prayers and Praise for YHC and my M on our 22nd Wedding Anniversary, and prayers for Vitamin’s M, too. Prayers unspoken were lifted up by Vitamin D.

As the Ruckers and Headgear headed out for a 2nd F event, Skimmer came running in, no worse for wear. He stated he was never lost and was happy to get in some additional time!!

Motto of the Day: All’s Well That Ends Well






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  1. Great BB!! A good laugh too!! Y’all were strong this am. #SotoChaos #SotoWrath EVERYWHERE!!! We knocked out 3.4 miles of rucking (1.2) and running (2.2) as we channeled the #Hulkamania spirit to do more running.

    Gotta say – “meeting” Runway was cool. Hi, I’m OneCall, fist bump. Yeah, I’m Runway, you EH’d me. WHAT? LOL. At the CFCC park day we were talking. Memory refreshed. See a guy with family and he’s wearing a Grand Strand Running Club shirt. We start talking – well, I start running my mouth and talking about F3 and all that of course. Boom, he posts! At BombSquad. And Hulkamania. A bunch. But since those are out of my normal routine – hadn’t seem him yet! ALWAYS BE HEADLOCKING! He found some great like-minded dudes and is part of the Brotherhood!!! Aye!

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