Do It For Heisenberg

Do It For Heisenberg

Workout Date:



Candy Cane


Candy Cane (QIC), McCormick, Manziel (Respect), Houdini (Respect), Fergie (Respect)

The Thang:

Conditions– Low 60s and slight breeze- great weather for which YHC had been running in since 4:15 with the Bombsquad crew for a quick 10 mile pre run before my mystery Q at the mothership. After showing up and breaking it to Fergie that YHC was the mystery Q we discussed the 5K pre run and usual PAX who show on Saturday. Manziel rolls in with a few minutes to spare with the 6:25 prerun time and we take off. 5K was knocked out with ease and we roll back into the AO with Houdini and McCormick chomping at the bit to get this thang started.


Disclaimer was given. The number 10 and YHCs short attention for reps over said number was also thrown out there which we would circle back to later with the plan of action for the morning


LBAC- Forward/Seal Claps/Reverse x10

Tempo Squat X10

Lets Go Mosey- YHC and PAX made our way around the track while the back story of F3 Jacksonville Pax Heisenberg who was their former Nantan and loved by what sounds like everyone based off of the 100s of comments of support by fellow PAX nationwide on the Jacksonville page after their announcement of his passing earlier this week. A lap was completed and YHC lined us up for the “Michigan” workout at one end of the field. This workout was put together based off some of Heisenberg favorite exercises and YHC decided to spice it up for the sake of why not and the 1 hour that needed to be filled. The rep number was 10 of Heisenberg Burpees/Hand Release Merkins/Monkey Humpers, Mosey down field, and then another set of 10 of each. After 200 reps of each exercise which was accrued after 10 rounds YHC needed to focus on the core and legs to finish us out. YHC led the PAX around the track and explained how important recovering on our feet was and spotted a perfect set of picnic tables under a large pavilion and headed that way like it was the plan all along. 40 step-ups were then called out followed by 20 LBCs with a wall sit against the nearest post waiting on the 6, Manziel had to go in hopes that his furniture would actually get delivered at 8 like the company claimed which is always up in the air with their typical 2-4 hour windows that they give but who knows maybe they made it 🤷‍♂️, 30 step-ups followed with 20 BBSU and wall sits, 20 step-ups followed with 20 2count American hammers and wall sits, 10 step-ups followed with 9 slow in cadence flutters led by YHC just to throw everyone off. A final lap was had to the flags just so everyone got what they paid for.



Announcements- PAX challenge, 2nd F options

YHC prayed us out