Do You Ever Get Deja Vu?

Do You Ever Get Deja Vu?

Workout Date:





Jewel(DR-F3Phoenix), Firestone(DR-F3LakeNorman), JoeSugar(DR-F3Raleigh), Fergie, Shoeless(2xRespect), Manziel(Respect), Karma(Respect), Blooper, Butch, Sleepy(Respect), Burgundy, Headgear(QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Warthog

Conditions: Clear. 48 degrees.

Warthog, the mothership AO to F3 GrandStrand. This is where it all started here at the beach. Jeter had the Q this week but he was gracious enough to let me take it on when I asked for it. YHC got word that DR PAX, Jewel, was in town from F3 Phoenix. YHC was just down there two weeks ago for a Fire&Ice Q at The Furnace and got to meet several of the Phoenix PAX. I was treated to a Mini-Murph so I thought I would repay the favor with a solid beatdown of my own.

Alarm went off at 0505 and YHC started the morning with a ruck at 0540. Manziel was out there running down Ocean Blvd and YHC met him at The DoubleTree so he could give Jewel and I a ride to Warthog. We pulled in to see Fergie and Shoeless finishing up the 50 penalty burpees that Fergie plea bargained for when he may or may not have let the flag touch the ground. Solid of Shoeless to join Fergie for the pain!

2 Minute Warning

The Thang:

5 minutes til there were only a few PAX and I had plenty of coupons for all in my truck. By the time the 2 minute warning came around, we had 12 PAX so go to the Alternate Plan (PACE).

Mosey around the track and back to the shovel flag.

SSH x10 IC

Windmills x10 IC

TTT x10 IC

LBACs x10 IC

Reverse LBACs x10 IC

Cherry Pickers x10 IC

Overhead Press x10 IC

Burpees x10 OYO

Mosey to the bridge and circle up

Merkins x22 OYO

IndianRun headed South along the lake and stop at the next bridge

Merkins x22 OYO

Squats x20 OYO

IndianRun past the bridge and head South along Farrow to the light at Howard Ave

Burpees x10 OYO

IndianRun down Howard Ave towards the Market Common crossing Farrow Pkwy, turning left at Iris St to Johnson Ave

Merkins x22 OYO

Squats x20 OYO

IndianRun West down Johnson Ave to the Deville St Parking Garage

Recovery Walk towards the entrance on Deville St

Partner Up:

PAX will take turns running up the slope to the top of the parking deck where they will do 1 burpee and head back. The PAX not running will hold Plank until their partner gets back. The next round the PAX will complete 2 burpees and so on until they get to 10 burpees. At about the halfway point, we modified to run to the second speed bump where our burpees were now either declined or inclined. Choose the red pill!

Recovery walk back to Nevers St and Howard St where YHC gave the PAX a choice to do an unknown number of step ups at the fountain or mosey and sprint back to the playground where we would complete a lesser unknown amount of pull-ups and stretch.

The PAX unanimously chose to head to the playground.

Pull-ups x10 OYO.

Quick broga stretch session to include a lunge stretch series, sun salutations, folds, downward dog and upward dog (I think).

Mosey to the flag for time.




New Directions Fundraiser – New Directions is the local homeless shelter with three shelters to include a men’s shelter, woman’s shelter and family shelter. They help homeless individuals and families with a place to stay, hot meals and counseling and job search help to get back on their feet. I have spent time there and met some men who had normal lives and then something happened that caused turmoil and spiraled out of control. New Directions give them a second chance. Jeter has taken up the challenge to raise funds on behalf of F3 GrandStrand. His goal is to raise over $1500 and he has an anonymous donor willing to match the next $300. Join in and help him in this great cause! the bonus is that if he raises a minimum of $1000, he’ll get thrown off the side of The Avista…or will rappel down.

Scavenger Hunt – April 23rd. This is a joint effort with F3 GrandStrand and F3 Republic. We have the beach so our republic brothers are headed across the river to join us. Post in Slack or let Jeter know if you and your M want to join in.

Prayers – Burgundy for his interview this week. SpinalTaps father. Tury from F3 Charlotte who’s young son is going through cancer treatments at St Jude in TN.

Awesome day gents! Thanks for joining me and putting in the work! As YHC was getting ready to go to the Alternate Plan, I looked around and saw a bunch of fit PAX ready to get after it so I hope you got what you came for! It’s great to see DR PAX back at the Beach again. F3 seems to make the world a smaller place as our own F3 brother, Rousey is posting in Phoenix this week with dudes I just met two weeks ago and Jewel posted here with us. JoeSugar was in town for fun and Firestone was sent from corporate (Charlotte). Rumor was he was sitting in his car taking notes on his clipboard after the beatdown. Thanks to Manziel for being smart enough to park at the Doubletree and run from there so we could pick up Jewel this morning. Sleepy, we haven’t seen you in a while so it was awesome to see you walk up this morning ready to roll! The Oyster/Blackbeard crew of Karma, Butch and Blooper came in strong. I think Blooper is almost ready to launch a Georgetown AO! Butch is doing an awesome job handlinug our Twitter page and Karma….well…Karma is always great to have around! Burgandy is fitter than he thinks and now lives on the South end so his officially a Warthog PAX now. We couldn’t prove that Fergie let the flag hit the ground but it may have and we had fun with the Slack Trial this week so he was a good sport and paid up! Shoeless, being the #HIM he is, joined his ShieldLock brother. Sorry dudes, for adding more burpees to your day but it will only make you stronger…maybe. Great work by all!

Oh yeah…just thought I would have fun with the title seeing what 1st base posted…and this being my third iteration of the workout today for this week.

Headgear out!!!!