Does this face look like i give a S@&$

Does this face look like i give a S@&$

Workout Date:





Texas Ranger, Judge Judy AOQ, O’douls, Hedgehog, Pikachu (Co 3rd FQ) QIC

The Thang:

AO The Gavel

Conditions- Perfect

So as I was looking at the 1st F challenge I noticed I was quickly falling behind and needed to make up some ground quick. I was looking at the Q sheet with non other than Candy Cane as we were scheming on the points. The Gavel was open and jumped on the Q sheet. Judge Judy reminded me that I wasn’t Invited to Q but please see title of BB. Larger picture in mind for points here and fun to get out to a Friday workout since I don’t waver from my typical days.  I came up with a new “we’ll see how this goes” workout. First base even asked if it would be a let’s figure it out type of workout. But seems as though his alarm didn’t go off this am. I also reminded the Pax that this was not Catapult and no modifiers would be in place. Remember men, you don’t modify something just because you don’t want to do it. Doing exercises and things we don’t like makes us better leaders, better men, and more resilient to anything thrown your way. It’s easy to say I’m not doing that because it’s hard compared to not doing it to preserve your body because you have an injury. Modifying to make it easier for you is cop out.

One Minute warning



15 of Each exercise, Harry Rocketts, Tempo Squats, Imperial Walkers, LBAC F,R, SSH.

I mosey to my truck to grab my phone for the timer and Pax were completely confused. Where are we going everyone said standing in the Circle. We didn’t go directly to the block pile so it threw everything and everyone completely off. Told everyone let’s mosey and I’ll explain what we’re doing. We stop at the far parking lot corner and began my explanation. Pax were doing a 60/40/20 workout (this came out in confidence) then the wheels fell completely off the wagon. Texas Ranger was all over it like a Coon dog on a trail. He immediately looks at me and says, you do t have a plan do you. Nope, busted. Not a chance I was getting that by him. Well done brother well done. Anyway, 60/40/20 is to partner up. You do one exercises for 60 seconds, P2 holds plank or Al Gore etc… then switch up, then the same exercise for 40 seconds, switch and same exercise for 20 seconds and switch and done. This is a high intensity non stop workout once you choose an exercise and start the circuit.

  1. Squats 60/40/20 and P2 Holds Plank, I had my timer out and Pax said you know you could us a Tabata timer. I came clean and said yes I know but the timer I have on my phone I could t figure out how to make it work so I opted for the old fashion push button method. And it worked just fine.
  2. Mosey past concession and last concrete. Mt Climbers 60/40/20 and P2 Holds Al Gore. This was a solid sessions. Thanks TR
  3. Mosey to Student Center Step ups for 60/40/20. P2 SSH thanks TR. but by this point somehow the Crew completely forgot we were doing 60/40/20 and the explosion ensues. Everyone lines ups for steps ups. Wth is everyone doing. I had to re-explain that we were doing a 60/40/20 and this was no different. Unreal.
  4. Mosey to corner by block pile. Flutter Kicks 60/40/20 is the theme guys, P2 Hold Al Gore. We haven’t changed. At this point I start to realize the Judge Judy takes the first 20 seconds to actually begins working out. Well when you’re doing. 60/40/20 you do the math. Barely any workout time left. Needless to say I started in on the Judge like an annoying nat. Everyone else is pushing through. Judge is hanging out apparently trying to rally votes for the next election.
  5. Mosey to corner past COP for Iron Maiden Crosses. P2 Hope Plank Yes 60/40/20 is what we’re doing. These were a killer and the judge didn’t disappoint the slackers. He did a solid 20 seconds of the 60. Love you brother! Haha. Today was gloves off junk talking fest. I was pushing these guys and now im am angry Richard Simmons. This is where the Pax really started belly aching about the hard work of one minute of Iron Maiden Cross. Yes it sucks. But get it boys and this is where I may have said does this face look like I give a s&$# and The Gavel is not for the weak or woke. 😂
  6. Mosey back to block pile and for one last 60/40/20. Curls and P2 over head hold. Every pax took a big block. No one wanted to be called a pussy today. Everyone manned up and grabbed a big block and did their best! Great job men and thoroughly enjoyed the beat down and the mumble chatter. This was a fun day. Thanks men.

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1st F Challenge

Halloween Convergence at the Plank. Let’s go men.


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