Don’t Draw the Line – The Harder the Better

Don’t Draw the Line – The Harder the Better

Workout Date:





Hamburglar, Headgear, Boxcar, Drifter, Fergie, Candy Cane, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Elevation Monday

Conditions: Perfect

Pax: Headgear, Boxcar, Hamburglar, Drifter, Candy Cane, Fergie, Quaker (QIC)

Gotta text from Boxcar on Saturday to see if I would Q today’s Elevation Runday . . . my answer, “Sure”.  And there it was, commitment as “Easy as a Runday Morning” (possible BB Title?).

We’re about 20 days out from race day (September 9th) and everyone is working hard to get better. We’ve been running on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays as a group; doing solo runs while away on vacation; and filling in the gaps with pre-runs.

The hard work is being put in now so that when race day arrives we can relish in our just rewards!! As some of you may know, we live near the beach and there is not much elevation change, so we have to improvise. We’ve run bridges, parking decks, and whatever meandering slopes we can find.

Today, we would try something new in an effort to keep our heart rates up and our muscles guessing! When you’re running through an unfamiliar state down roads you’ve never seen during unusual times of the day, you have to keep your mind sharp as well as your legs pumping!

Read on to see what when down!

YHC arrived at The Hulk at 4:52 am.  Drifter & Fergie were already there stretching! Boxcar was next to arrive followed by Headgear, then Candy Cane. Hamburglar rolled in with about 30 seconds to spare. Although headlamps were requested the night before, only 3 out of 7 of us remembered to bring them.

When I asked about headlamps, someone asked if we would be running the actual Hulk this morning. I assured them that that was a bad idea, not because of the spiders (see Into the Spider Verse – Midnight Ruck Club BackBlast) or snakes (Boxcar is afraid of snakes. He leaned into me and whispered, “I turn into a girl around snakes”) but because of the roots!! We are too close to race day to have someone get tripped up and sprain an ankle!!

The one minute warning was given, Strava was set, and the music was cranked up!

5:00am – Let’s Go!!!

Who’s Eddie Dyer?

As we left the gravel parking lot of The Hulk, we made an immediate left onto Eddie Dyer Rd (FKA – Frontage Road B-1)! Right off the bat, the Pax could sense that something was different about this run. We ran up Eddie Dyer Rd at a healthy pace until we reached the back gate (or should I say back ½ gate) of The Bluffs turning onto Boatlanding Road.

NOTE: Eddie Dyer is the retiring Vice President of Coastal Carolina University. He served nearly 40 years at CCU and  has seen the school move from the halls of Conway High School to three buildings in the woods of Conway, all the way to its current state: a 10,000-student population with dozens of state-of-the-art buildings, post-graduate programs and even a doctoral program.

Are You Bluffing?

We continued down Boatlanding Rd, passing the boat storage straight towards the The Bluffs Community Center which is nestled high above the Intracoastal Waterway. To the front of us was a 2nd gate securing the community boat ramp to the left was a wall of vegetation separating us from The Hulk, and to the right the Avenue of the Palms that would lead us into the heart of The Bluffs.  

Everyone except Hamburglar (I left him in on some of my plans the night before) must have thought that we were going to turn right and take a tour of The Bluffs, but no, we went straight ahead, down the boat ramp until it terminated at the water’s edge!!

The Pax were instructed to LINE up shoulder to shoulder facing up the ramp. (BTW this may be one of the steepest inclines in MB!!). We were only ¾ mile into the beatdown but things were already getting wild!!

Ramping It Up!!

3-2-1 Sprint  . . .  80% up the boat ramp and touch the gate . . . mosey back down the ramp to the start line.

3-2-1 Sprint  . . .  85% up the boat ramp and touch the gate . . . mosey back down the ramp to the start line.

3-2-1 Sprint  . . .  90% up the boat ramp and touch the gate . . . mosey back down the ramp to the start line.

3-2-1 Sprint  . . .  95% up the boat ramp and touch the gate . . . mosey back down the ramp to the start line.

3-2-1 Sprint  . . .  100% up the boat ramp and touch the gate . . . mosey back down the ramp to the start line.

3-2-1 Sprint  . . .  Everything you got!! 110% up the boat ramp and touch the gate . . . wait for further instructions.

Breaking Bad Ideas!

At this point, everyone, including Hamburglar must have been thinking that we would be heading into the neighborhood or running back down Boatlanding road and out of The Bluffs, but no, strategically placed just to the left of the Gate was secret entrance onto The Hulk!!

What about the snakes? What about the spiders? . . . Follow me and lets find out together!!

Once we stepped through the thick vegetation, we were on Tarzan Trail which parallels the Intracoastal Waterway (about 30 feet above the water). Not only were we running alongside a perilous cliff, the path was pitch black except for the  beams of light emanating from 3 headlamps. The contrast of the gloom juxtaposed to the well-lit boat ramp we just left, altered our senses and heightened our excitement! Our movements were careful, but swift.

We followed Tarzan Trail until it intersected with David Banner Trail which switched back through the low lying areas of The Hulk. We then took a cut through path onto the Bayou Trail which lead us to the service road that cuts through the center of The Hulk and lead us back to the parking lot.

Once in the parking lot, we regrouped and LINED up to begin the next leg of our journey!

“You’re Gonna Get Some Leg for Sure . . .Tell Us How You Do!  (Van Halen – “Change”)

Leg #1 – Run from the Parking Lot to the beginning of the Col. Bob Bell Run Path . . . LINE up

Leg #2 – Run up the Bridge to the middle . . . LINE up

Leg #3 – Run to the bottom of the Bridge . . . LINE up

Leg #4 – Sprint to the Intersection of Bob Bell and Barc Parc run path . . .LINE up

Leg #5 –  Run to Chapin Epps Drive. (Road that leads to the YMCA) . . . LINE up

Leg #6 – Sprint to American Flag which is located in the YMCA parking Lot . . . LINE up

Leg #7 – Sprint to the 2nd parking lot Lamp Post . . . turn left and mosey behind the dumpster near the youth soccer fields.

Over the Hill

The parking lot/grass behind the dumpster is about 15 feet lower than the elevation of the Soccer fields. YHC instructed the PAX that we were going to run up the hill, onto the soccer field, and to the soccer goal approximately 40 yds way.  Our goal is to do this 10X before time runs out and we have to head back to The Hulk.

This was tough!! All Pax pushed hard and got in a minimum of 7 hill sprints!! We then moseyed (moving recovery) back to the YMCA Parking Lot . . . LINE up

Speed Humps and Job Johnnys

3-2-1 Sprint 100% to 2nd Lamp Post. . .LINE up

3-2-1 Sprint 100% over the ‘Speed Hump’ to the entrance of Barc Parc run path. . .LINE up

3-2-1 Sprint 100% to well-lit Job Johnny (aka Port-a-Potty, AKA Port-a-Jon)

Run into the Gloom until it intersection with Col. Bob Bell run path . . . LINE up

Run to foot of the Bridge.  . . LINE up

YHC delivers a moving speech about our forefathers and how hard they ran from Hulkmania every Friday morning. The dedication these men had to their craft and how on the final stretch of each Hulkamania run, no matter how many miles they traversed, they would always kick it into a higher gear as they climbed the bridge one last time and when they reach the top of the bridge they would continue to accelerate down the other side with the help of gravity and as they rounded the corner and touched Frontage Road B-1 they would sprint back to the parking lot full throttle squeezing every ounce of energy out of their exhausted muscles!

Men were moved, tears were shed, and a slightly longer recover was had!!

Hulkamania Final Progression

3-2-1 Everything you got to the top of the Bridge . . . continue to accelerate across the top of the bridge . . . race down the back of the bridge to Frontage Road B-1 . .  . Sprint to The Hulk parking lot!!

5:59:32: Time Called

The Numbers: 5.25 miles, 9:10 Pace; The cost of getting 1% better – Priceless

COR = 7


Announcements: Thursday Happy Hour with Drifter at RipTydz – -RSVP on Slack; Blood Drive September 23rd; Step up and lead

Prayers unspoken

Lyric of the Day: “Don’t Draw the Line, I Ain’t Through with You . . . The Harder the Better;  Lets do it ‘Till We’re Black & Blue” – Van Halen

NMMS: Although I don’t think anyone left today’s BeatDown black & blue, everyone pushed themselves further then we thought we could. Everyone crossed the LINE! I hope everyone had as much fun as I did! It was an honor to lead and I can’t wait for the BRR!!