Don’t Let Me Beat You

Don’t Let Me Beat You

Workout Date:



Texas Ranger


Castaway (AOQ), Quaker (Respect), Sunshine, Sade', Rubber, Texas Ranger (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Village

Conditions: 60s and clear

I went to bed with a 50% chance of rain for the morning and a #weinke planned to keep us totally dry. Woke up after the storm last night, to a pleasant surprise of warm weather and no rain in the forecast from 5-6. Got to the AO with about 5 min to go, to find Castaway already in the parking lot. We both got out of our trucks and were about ready to make the call to go grab some coffee (#Fellowship) as no headlights could be seen anywhere, when out of the gloom we spotted a group of runners circled around Sunshine’s tron setup! (PSA: the noxgear tracer 360 running lights work really well for early morning or night running… get some and be safe!). As the PAX reached the shovel flag, you could tell that they had pushed it to get here from the hulk, as they recapped their 8min pace effort. With P200 training in full swing, I then got the bright idea to save the rainy day #weinke for an actual rainy day and would come up with something on the fly to help these beasts conquer their P200 goals.

1 minute warning





15 Windmills IC

10 Merkins OYO



Most of you know that I’ve been dealing with an achilles problem since the summer, but even if fully healthy I would still be the six in this group. With 4 of the PAX training for P200 and Castaway being 26, I told them that goal for today was to not let ME beat them or else something bad would happen (I had no idea what that something would be, but I at least said it with enough confidence that I think they believed me!)

Mosey out to 65th and head left towards the stop sign and back to the flag, plank on the six.

I went out hard to push the pace to try and set the tone for today’s beatdown, and once the PAX saw that their competitive juices kicked in and they stood up to the challenge.

Mosey to the block pile and grab a coupon. Rifle carry to the basketball court.


6 PAX for a perfect number to pair up. Line up along the wall on the sideline of the basketball court.

50 30:

  • Partner 1 – Blockees
  • Partner 2 – Block push to the far sideline and back
  • Flip Flop

We had to modify to 30 from the originally intended 50 as this was KILLER. Everybody was sucking wind.


  • Partner 1 – Curls
  • Partner 2 – Midcourt and far sideline suicides
  • Flip Flop


  • Partner 1 – Squats
  • Partner 2 – Bearcrawl to far sideline and mosey back
  • Flip Flop

Rifle carry to the parking lot

4 Corners:

Corner 1: 10 block swings

Rifle carry to next corner.

Corner 2: Run a lap, 10 block swings, 20 OH Press

Rifle carry to next corner

Corner 3: Run a lap, 10 block swings, 20 OH Press, 30 Curls

Rifle carry to next corner

Corner 4: Run 2 laps, 40 american hammers ON the block (2 count)

Blocks back to the coupon pile. Mosey to the flag. 

5 Min. of Mary: 

Had some mention of how much one of the ab exercises that Rubber made us do the other day sucked. Lets do that.

BBSU with your six on the curb, shoulders going back as far as you can (below the curb ideally). Did 5 of these solo, then partnered up, with partner one doing 5 BBSU while partner 2 held their feet. Flip Flop.

Pax choice (15 reps max)

Texas Ranger – Pretzel Crunch

Sunshine – Flutter kicks

Rubber – Hello Dolly

Quaker – Freddie Mercuries

Castaway – Boxcutters

Sade’ – Dying cockroaches



Count-O-Rama: 6


Announcements: Catapult AOQ turnover next week.

Prayer requests: Health for fellow pax. Prayers for those dealing with the winter storm and the tornado in NC.


Honor to lead.

– Texas Ranger

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