Don’t Mess With the UnderQuaker!

Don’t Mess With the UnderQuaker!

Workout Date:



Rousey (3rd F CoQ / 1 x R)


Kiwi (2 x R), HumpBack, CropDuster, CrossStitch, 1st Base, CandyCane, HedgeHog, SideOut, Flatliner, Crabs, JudgeJudy, Penelope (ComZ CoQ), Pikachu (3rd F CoQ), O'Douls (CP AOQ), and QIC

The Thang:

Conditions: High 50s, dark and gloomy.

YHC (QIC) turn to lead the #HIM of the #Catapult (CP)!  CP is a moderate pace bootcamp that is IR-FNG-Kotter friendly.  It doesn’t mean that workouts are easy, it means that the Q has to work a little harder planning a WOD that has the right blend of exercises, flow, plenty of modifiers (easier and harder) so that all skill levels are challenged.  “Just modify as necessary” is not good enough with all of us experiencing (directly or indirectly) the lonely “6” and how do we truly act out the F3 credo of “Leaving no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.”

After posting at #BombSquad the Saturday prior (w/ Quaker on Q) and doing the ageless “UnderQuaker” (UQ) circuit (traditional un-modified un-adulterated version — see Quaker’s BB), YHC thought lets do this at CP as each Pax could choose their desired exercise.  The group could kind of temper the entire circuit to a point where it met each Pax fitness level and of course we could “modify” this sacred workout to fit our needs!  And surely we can fit this into a 45 minute beatdown with a point of emphasis of “wheels up” at 0600 hours!

8 -10 total Pax would have made this workout run smooth…14 Pax actually showed up…yikes…do we switch to Plan B…nope lets see this thing through!  Welcome to F3, mission, disclaimer, usual suspect of CP warm ups, and man now YHC only has like 30 minutes to get the UQ circuit done!

“The UnderQuaker” Circuit (again see Quaker’s BB): Pax formed up under the CFCC entrance in front of the drop off loop w/ cinderblock via the #coupon pile; QIC had ea. Pax call out an exercise in order of line up; the reps. per selected exercise would be the Pax’s line up number x 2; and the exercises would build on top of each other all the way to the end of the line up (makes perfect sense!).

  1. CandyCane: 2 Blockees (Wow…right out the gate!  QIC audibled 2 Merkins as a modifier), then 1 recovery lap around the loop (for all sets until we were running out of time after Crabs),
  2. Pikachu: 4 Bent-Over Rows,
  3. Judge Judy: 6 Block Presses,
  4. Kiwi: 8 Curls,
  5. HumpBack: 10 2-ct. Flutter Kicks,
  6. HedgeHog: 12 Squats,
  7. FlatLiner: 14 SSHs,
  8. O’Douls: 16 American Hammers,
  9. CrossStitch: 18 Freddie Mercuries,
  10. YHC: 20 HR Merkins (that were changed to 5 when time was running out),
  11. Crabs: 11 Block Swings (quickly modified to 5 reps.),
  12. Penelope: 5 LBCs (5…time is running out),
  13. CropDuster: 5 Rev. Lunges (drop the recovery lap around the loop),
  14. SideOut: 5 Star Jacks (add the last 2 w/o buildup),
  15. 1st Base: 5 Thrusters.

No cool down…discombobulated ending…rush-rush-rush!


COR – 15
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.

Announcements: Check out F3 GrandStrand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  Lots of things going on in all Fs!  Get plugged in!!

NMMS 1: All put in strong work and YHC appreciates the flexibility to complete the UQ circuit short-changing the COT a bit.  Great assortment of exercises that kept everyone guessing hitting all muscle groups!

NMMS 2: Leave the sacred UQ  circuit format be!  And see Quaker’s BB (that he’ll do soon and you can read about the awesomeness of the UQ)!

Honor to lead!



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